Feng Shui USB flash drive

by Edwin

Crystals play a pivotal role in the world of Feng Shui, and what better way to channel some good vibes to your workdesk than with this crystal-enhanced USB flash drive? I wonder whether it helps prevent virus attacks and corrupted data on your computer while using this. Still, it is a rather interesting USB flash drive to own, except that you can’t wear this around your neck or place it …

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The Cat Mouse from Japan

by Edwin


A Cat Mouse sounds like an oxymoron, but only in Japan can you find such an interesting computer peripheral. Actbrise has released a cat that is actually a computer mouse, and it has a design that leans more towards the joystick than everyone’s favorite pointing peripheral. Tilt the cat left and the pointer will move accordingly. A quartet of buttons on the back cater for normal clicks and scrolling purposes. …

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Graffiti your own train

by Edwin


Good graffiti, while going against the law, often spruces up an otherwise dreary place. For those of you who want to perfect this street art, why not start with your very own Graffiti Train? People have been decorating things they shouldn’t since the dawn of time. Well almost, because boffins have uncovered graffiti on the walls of ancient Pompeii and the toilet doors of several Mayan ruins. Probably. More recently, …

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Xbox controller does your 360

by Edwin


Ben Heck is at it again – this time he has taken the original Xbox controller, removed its innards, replacing it with contents from an Xbox 360 wireless controller. The differences between this and an original are extremely subtle – although can tell via the little Xbox Guide button that has been added between the “Back” and “Start” buttons, along with the built-in headset jack. Ben is currently auctioning this …

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Acoustic guitar ends up as iPod dock

by Edwin


Don’t throw out that old acoustic guitar just yet – it can still be salvaged and turned into an iPod dock just like what you see here. The result of this is part of a recycling challenge for this week’s London Design Festival, where a design firm took advantage of this Torre acoustic guitar and used some pixie dust to turn it into a stereo complete with an iPod dock. …

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Whip up a cuppa over the Internet

by Edwin


Coffee lovers, rejoice! There is now a way for you to conjure a cup of hot joe just the way you like it via an Internet connection, courtesy of some caffeine lovers with a penchant for DIY. This unique coffee making machine is powered by the O2M8 WebBrick controller that is used for automation in houses. Guess there is nothing quite like a little bit of imagination to perk you …

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More ways to recycle your NES controller

by Edwin


Since the NES sold like a gazillion units back in the 80s, it makes perfect sense to have even more controllers lying around, waiting to be recycled (or suffer a different fate). For those with a penchant for DIY items, why not turn this into a coin purse as depicted here? The NES controller has also been lined with an adorable looking fabric. You should be able to find plenty …

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Asthma patients get welcome relief

by Edwin


Asthma patients can be a pretty fragile bunch, and in poorer countries, these people rarely have the opportunity nor purchasing power to pick up a “spacer” that actually creates an air chamber right in front of the mouth, whereby the inhaler will discharge its medicine for the patient to breathe it in easily. These devices could cost around $50 which is definitely out of reach for the destitute, but thankfully …

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