Bosch Xeo Universal Cutter

by Al

If you find using a pair of scissors too much like hard work you’ll love the latest gadget from Bosch, the XEO Universal Cutter. The Bosch XEO can be used to cut just about anything, like plastics, carpet , cardboard and even metal (up tp 6mm). It’s pretty well suited to the environmentally friendly household for cutting things up for the recycle bin. Imagine how many boxes you’re going to …

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Nail Cushion Saves Crushed Fingers

by Carolyn


I do a lot of home improvements around the house. The most recent was replacing my front door with a new one. That went just fine. However, when I was working on putting the interior trim back up, I had quite a hard time getting those little brad nails into the trim without banging the crap out of my thumb and fingers. After much swearing, a bruised thumb and some …

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Grow your own stuff

by Edwin


So you think you’re a hidden green finger at heart? Why not prove it with Grow Its! The Chilli Kit comes with five different varieties of chilli seeds, including Tepin, the world’s hottest for the truly brave. The Herb Kit comes with basil, parsley, chives, rosemary and thyme, so you can get a proper mini kitchen herb garden going, and the Bonsai Kit too has five different varieties of Bonsai …

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Steampunk laptop wows

by Edwin


This Steampunk laptop is definitely worth drooling over, featuring a brass faceplate that makes up most of the mod along with his custom-made keyboard that looks better than it types. You also get leather pads that have been cut out to function as wrist rests for a more comfortable typing experience, especially during the winter when everything is cold to the touch. Most interesting is the key that must be …

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Coat Hanger Gorilla

by Edwin


Now isn’t this just precious – a gorilla made completely out of coat hangers. Kinda reminds me of a more beastly version of Pinhead from the Hellraiser series. At least you won’t have to go through the trouble of pointing out to your guests where exactly to hang their coats whenever they drop by your pad. Image Page

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Auto Wrench – The Electronic Adjustable Spanner

by Al


Manual wenches are so yesteryear, with the autowrench you still have to use a bit of manual elbow grease to do the loosening or tightening, however it can automatically resize the jaws to fit the nut. The area where this wrench really shines is in hard-to-reach spots where mobility is obscured, such as under sinks. A typical situation where the Auto Wrench would help might be one in which you’re …

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Go wooden with DIY keyboard

by Edwin


Now this isn’t exactly the most environmentally friendly of all computer peripherals, but at least it is more biodegradable than your standard plastic 101-key keyboard. Hailing from Japan, this DIY wood keyboard requires you to actually cut each key out yourself, placing them in the order of your choice. Granted, you would probably choose the QWERTY layout but the weirder ones among you would probably settle for DVORAK or something …

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What to do with your old tech …

by James


With computers once again topping the “I Want it List for Christmas,” the question foremost in most people’s minds sooner or later is, what do I do with all those old gadgets to make room for the new toys I’m getting? Well, DIY Life has a few ideas, including what to do with batteries, empty paint cans, even used car safety seats. I’ve got a few myself:

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