Geeked out Eee PC

by Edwin

Asus’ Eee PC has certainly more than picked up its fair share of love from customers who have fallen head over heels with its form factor and ease-fo-use. One thing we do know is, the Eee PC isn’t exactly at the forefront when it comes to hardware specifications, but that isn’t going to stop industrious folks from trying their level best. This Eee PC comes with GPS, Bluetooth connectivity, 802.11n, …

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You know you’re a real nerd when…

by Edwin


…you totally dig this Space Invaders jacket that comes emblazoned with hundreds upon hundreds of pixelated aliens from the arcade classic. Thanks to Scandanavian designer Junk de Luxe, you will be able to deck yourself in one of the geekiest clothing ever without looking silly as it is particularly stylish (somehow them Scandanavians seem to be pretty good with design). Unfortunately, it is only available from Trendlovers in Denmark at …

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G-Metric Nano wooden PC case mod

by Edwin


Now this is definitely something different from all the other PC case mods we’ve seen to date. Known as the G-Metric Nano, this wooden case mod consists of a Via NX1500 nano-ITX motherboard, 1GB of DDR2 RAM, and an 80-watt pico PSU. Featuring walnut inlays and constructed from cherry veneer, it measures roughly the size of a 6-pack of Coke, packing in a DVD burner as well. Hopefully it has …

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VIA set to release DIY Pico-ITX computer kit

by Chris


I’ve built more custom PCs in the last several years than I’d really care to count. Most of them were based on standard ATX or micro-ATX motherboards. Rare was the request for anything smaller. In fact, I think the only micro-ITX machines that I built were for my own personal use. Those machines were great, but with Pico-ITX boards on the market for some time, I’ve been considering replacing them …

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DIY Duct Tape Wallet

by Edwin


If you have a penchant for DIY products, then the DIY Duct Tape Wallet is right up your alley. Just like the pre-made Ducti, the DIY Duct Tape Wallet is one of the most impressive, wow-factor-packed items you can pull out of your pocket without being arrested. Better still, you get a sense of achievement each and every time you reach for a fiver. What workmanship. What innovation. What style. …

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Blog hit counter rings with each visit

by Edwin


Here’s an interesting way to announce to the world just how popular you are – judging by the amount of hits your blog gets each day. It has been specially set up to literally ring a bell each time someone drops by your blog – and judging by the hits we get here chances are Al’s home will be ringing non-stop all day long. This unique hit counter is comprised …

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FuelPod2 Converts Grease to BioFuels

by Mark R


I’ve been hearing a lot these days about BioFuels, and in an age where our gas prices are just getting higher, it may be time to start thinking about seriously putting them into operation. In fact, I once heard of a process that could convert ordinary fatty waste, like the stuff used in deep-fat fryers into fuel. You know what that means. All that stuff at McDonalds could be used …

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Nail Cushion prevents painful occurrences

by Edwin


The Nail Cushion concept if definitely something every avid DIY enthusiast should have – it is a rubberized plate that holds various nail diameters, allowing you to hit an easy and safe strike without causing any pain or injury to your good self. Designed by Arthur Se, I’m surprised that nobody has come up with this concept before. Hopefully we’ll be able to see this arrive in hardware shops sooner …

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