Laptop Controlled Drifter

by Matthew

This RC car is a laptop controlled drifter project created by Chris over at PyroElectro. The aim of the project was to make an ordinary RC car have the ability to be controlled by a laptop. By using the laptop and a small box attached to a COM port, full control of the car is made possible and of course, automated control is also available too. By using Windows scripting, …

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Craftsman CompuCarve brings 3D printing to the home garage

by James


Tools. How many times have you wanted to create a small part out of wood or plastic (or even carved your son’s Pinewood Derby car) and just couldn’t get it right because you didn’t have the right tools? Naturally, here comes Craftsman to the rescue with the Craftsman CompuCarve that allows for 3D printing of soft woods and plastics. (Insert Tim Allen pig snort here).

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DIY project helps you fight back against Big Brother

by Chris


These days it seems that Big Brother is everywhere, watching you. In places like the UK there are public surveillance cameras all over the place. Aside from covering your head completely, there is little one can do to stay “off the radar” in these areas. That, or with a little bit of effort and know-how you can assemble a small device that will prevent your face from being seen on …

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New App puts your iPhone in touch with it’s inner virtuoso

by James


There’s a great line in Apollo 13 where the character of Gene Kranz yells out “I don’t care about what anything was DESIGNED to do, I care about what it CAN do!” So when some enterprising geek comes along and creates and application that turns an iPhone or iTouch into a piano, how can we not scream “encore!?”

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Soda-Club DIY drinking gadget

by Edwin


If you are a huge soda lover (in more ways than one) and would like to try something ecologically friendly, the Soda-Club could be your ticket. Americans who have resolved to be more eco-friendly, or to drop a few pounds (or both!) can kill two birds with one stone with Soda-Club. This cool do-it-yourself gadget comes with reusable carbonating bottles, which you fill with good old tap water to make …

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DIY Voice Changer is perfect for prank calls

by Chris

DIY Voice Changer

Are you the kind of person that likes to tinker around with DIY projects? I love my Dremel, and actively search for reasons to use it. If you’re the same way, and have a taste for pulling practical jokes on unsuspecting friends, then might I suggest looking into the DIY Digital Voice Changer Kit?

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Build Your Own Lightsaber Kit

by Al

Lightsaber Kit

Every Jedi should know how to make their own lightsaber, but finding a Jedi master to train you is a bit tricky at the moment which is where the Force FC Lightsaber Construction set comes to the rescue. The kit contains instructions and parts which make it possible to create a 1,000 or so different designs (in any one galaxy no two lightsabers are ever the same (okay I made …

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Geeked out Eee PC

by Edwin


Asus’ Eee PC has certainly more than picked up its fair share of love from customers who have fallen head over heels with its form factor and ease-fo-use. One thing we do know is, the Eee PC isn’t exactly at the forefront when it comes to hardware specifications, but that isn’t going to stop industrious folks from trying their level best. This Eee PC comes with GPS, Bluetooth connectivity, 802.11n, …

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