Three different DIY solar mowers to save you cash

by Ally

With gas prices climbing even mowing the lawn has started to break the bank. So unless you have the world’s smallest lawn getting an electric mower is kind of obnoxious. Besides that, if you have a solar lawn mower you can seem eco-friendly and much more cool than your neighbors. Hopefully you’re good at small DIY projects though, because that is exactly what this is. That or you could slide …

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Giant Fabric Keyboard

by AndrewD

Computer peripherals continue to get smaller and smaller. These days, the mouse would be better apt called the mouse embryo. And it doesn’t stop there. Keyboards are becoming more compact as well. Eventually, we might have to start fearing for those among us who have larger hands. The Giant Fabric Keyboard seems like a perfect protest for the evolution of shrinking peripherals. This keyboard is living large, and it’s not …

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NES Controller Coffee Table

by Mark R

NES Controller Coffee Table

As you know, Coolest Gadgets has several categories for its subject matter. Even though I flagged this article under “DIY Gadgets” and “Gaming Gadgets”, I should have categorized it as “I just couldn’t resist reporting on this”. I’m sure you can see why from the photo. For young inventor Kyle Downes (not the person in the photo) has actually perfected shrink-ray technology, and has reversed the process to create a …

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Hack a phone jack to access a hidden USB drive

by Chris

DIY hidden flash drive

I’ve always wondered what I would do if I came into some vital information that needed to be hidden from prying eyes. You know the kind, the data that could potentially bring down the government and bring the world as we know it to a standstill. Sure, I have no idea how someone like me would come into such information, but I’ve seen enough movies to know it could happen. …

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DIY Terrestrial Globe

by Edwin


So you think you’re a whiz at Tetris and all things puzzle – why not give the DIY Terrestrial Globe a try then? This is one interesting jigsaw puzzle that shouldn’t take up too much of your time, but it will definitely be a fun and imaginative way to teach your kids about geography. Granted, knowing how the world looks like when flat in the form of a map is …

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Turn your old tapes into USB hubs

by Chris


Ah, the VHS tape. I have so many fond memories of thee. We had such great times as I adjusted the tracking on the VCR (after I had figured out how to get it to stop blinking 12:00 of course) and the countless hours I spent rewinding you over the years. They were good times, but with my DVDs I don’t have to mess with any of that. Which is …

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Idea of a Clock II concept

by Edwin


The Idea of a Clock II might be pretty novel, but it scores zero marks where practicality is concerned. This must be the most wordy version of a clock I have ever come across, where lengthy textual description is imprinted on a green LED bulleting board for you to tell the time. For example, 12:29 would read, “This is the idea of a clock that tells you the time using …

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Nintendo Entertainment System, Now in Cartridge Form

by Mark R

Nintendo Entertainment System Cartridge

Isn’t it amazing how much smaller our technology is, compared to what our technology was? I once heard that the first computers took up entire buildings, and yet they had no more memory than an average cellular phone. That’s decades of progress in electronic technology for you. I am proud to report that in just two decades of electronic progress, someone has actually designed a Nintendo Entertainment System that is …

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