Wheelchair boasts a jukebox

by Edwin

Most wheelchairs get along just fine with four wheels and an occupant, but this one is radically different. Crutchfield has a new grand prize winner for its “You Dream It, We’ll Help You Built It” contest, and the award goes to Eric Jarnagin and his souped up wheelchair – definitely one of its kind in the whole wide world. You get a subtle green glow around the wheels which translate …

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Turn Your Umbrella Into A LED Light Show

by AndrewD

Gene Kelly makes dancing in the rain look much more charming and stylish than it actually is. It’d be interesting to see the after effects of the famous “Singin’ In The Rain” scene, where Mr. Kelly is sitting soaking wet, moping and grumpy in his home. Of course they don’t show that part. Surprisingly, there are still people who are trying to look cool while being caught in the middle …

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V12 Engine made from paper

by Edwin

Now this is one piece of origami that you will definitely find fascinating, and in the words of the designer, it took “approximately two years to design this spectacular magical art”, and the person has made this knowledge public so you can save two years (or more of your life) trying to figure it out. This “V12 four-stroke Engine” has semi-realistic exterior and interior detail. Each of 12 spark plugs …

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Electronic Trash Becomes Steampunk-Style Animal Art Treasure

by AndrewD

Us geeks seem to be a magnet for accumulating electronic crap. As we keep buying more and more gadgetry, our stockpile of unused electronic equipment becomes higher and higher. And of course, we can’t just throw out the excess. It would be way too much of a waste. The good news is that if you have a bit of an arts and crafts edge to your geekiness. there are some …

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Lil Guppie Multi-tool

by Edwin

I don’t think it will be an everyday situation when you find that you’ll need the Lil Guppie Multi-tool to get you out of a tight spot, but somehow having this item around makes me feel safer, knowing I have an avenue to bail myself out of sticky situations that requires tools of some sort. The adjustable wrench on the Lil Guppie Multi-tool opens to 10 mm so it can …

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Doctor Who Parties Like It’s 1859 With Steampunk Dalek

by AndrewD

EX-TER-MIN-ATE! If you’ve never watched Dr. Who we apologize for the missed reference, but allow us to give you some background information. The Dalek race is a fictional organism from the popular British sci-fi show which feature a tough tank-like mechanical shell and a tendency to vie for domination of the universe with a piercing electronic scream. The Dalek’s are quite the celebrity in the UK and internationally among the …

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Replace Your Own iPhone Battery For Less Than $8

by AndrewD

Phone batteries have to be replaced every so often, since they give out much like any other piece of hardware. The problem is that with the iPhone, the battery casing is non-removable. This means in order to replace the battery on your iPhone, you have to send your device to Apple and have them do it for you. Not only is this a real pain in the butt, having to …

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Microwave PC Case Mod

by AndrewD

Microwaves are truly an awesome appliance. You could call them the epitome of the bachelor gadget, since so many unmarried men seem to rely on the device for all of their meals. We can’t say we’ve ever thought of using a microwave like this. This excellent PC case mod makes your computer look like a stock-model microwave, complete with a cheap LED layout and a horizontally opening door. The window …

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