RC Floor Sweeper

by Edwin

Inject some fun into your house chores with the RC Floor Sweeper – a device that is guaranteed to get the kids scampering after you, asking for dibs on getting the floor cleaned. The reason is simple – one end of an electrostatic dust mop has been connected to an RC car, letting you clean your room in record time without having to walk around (at least until the range …

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Interesting use of a tree stump

by Edwin

What happens when you chance upon a tree stump? Well, I’m pretty sure that’s a weird question to ask as most of us will just walk by without giving it much further thought. Somebody else went the extra mile, however, coming with a brilliant idea to make use of old tree stumps. Instead of removing it (and hence taking up a whole lot of time and incurring costs for the …

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Lego Mindstorms NXT Robot solves Rubik’s Cube

by AndrewD

How do you make a Lego Mindstorms robotic kit solve puzzles independently, without the need of an aid computer? Just ask Hans Andersson, the designer behind the Tilted Twister, an autonomous robot which was made using nothing but pieces from the Lego Mindstorms NXT kit. A set of ultrasonic sensors detect when you place the Rubik’s Cube on the Tilted Twister. The Lego bot can then calculate the moves needed …

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The Russian steampunk mouse

by Ally

Steampunk is one of those trends that makes me extremely sorry that I haven’t the slightest bit of crafting skills to make my own steampunk gadgets.  Purely because steampunk is usually very expensive, so unless you can make your own most of us will never get our hands on any of our own.  This one was created by a Russian modder who posted his project in a forum for us …

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Casio keyboard controlled table hockey is insane, awesome

by AndrewD

Go ahead. Try as you might. But there is a huge shade of skepticism now pulled over our eyes that you or anyone else could ever create a table hockey table cooler than this one. Come on! We dare you! Yeah, we just really want to see some awesome table hockey tables. Straight from the mind of Graeme Patterson, the Hockey Organ has got to be the coolest used of …

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Google Images printout proves it’s a Google world

by AndrewD

Google Images connects us to the world we can’t see for ourselves. Just pop in a query for any location and BOOM! You’re whisked off into imagery heaven. Well, at least this works for most locations. But of course, if you live in a one-horse town, you’re going to have a tad bit more trouble finding relevant images for your location. But hey, a man can dream. And when a …

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Video Game Screens Made From Lego Bricks

by AndrewD

Lego is no stranger to the world of video gaming. They have formed their own niche in the gaming market with their Star Wars and Indiana Jones titles. And while the look of Lego still remains intact in their games, we’ve never seen something quite like this. A clever Flickr user by the name of skinny coder has put together a collection of video game screen renditions using nothing but …

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DIY Turn Signal Biking Jacket

by Edwin

Taking a bicycle can be the healthy and green thing to do, but it can get pretty dangerous for the cyclist especially in the dark. The DIY Turn Signal Biking Jacket works by blinking the arrow in which the direction you want to turn. Of course, it works best against a dark background which could potentially lower your overall visibility when not using the turn signals. Ah well, I’ve always …

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