DarthCast looks sweet

by Edwin

I certainly did not bet on seeing a portable version of the Dreamcast eight years ago, but today we have super powerful handheld consoles like the Sony PSP and its less technologically proficient DS Lite rival which far outstripped the home consoles of the 1990s in terms of processing power. What happens when you want to get your defunct Dreamcast up and running in a portable form factor? Sega certainly …

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The Hand Grenade Mouse Mod

by Ally

If you’ve been feeling like your computer setup isn’t nearly intimidating enough, a hand grenade would probably be more than enough to make it seem more intense.  After all that online gaming, you need to feel all powerful behind your computer.  A wicked looking case and a glowing keyboard aren’t always enough.  Although, gaming mouses do have all those fancy extra buttons, they just aren’t nearly cool enough.  No, the …

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Rubberband Gun inspired by Metal Gear

by Mark R

In case you are out of focus with video games, you may have heard about Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. The game is immensely popular, and there is a gun used by the main character Snake that is definitely some sweet metal gear. A Japanese fan has designed a stainless steel gun that resembles on from the game, but this one shoots rubberbands. I’ve never really used …

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The Portal inspired Weighted Companion Cube Subwoofer

by Ally

The game Portal has motivated modders all over to recreate the Weighted Companion Cube and make it functional within their lives.  Well the latest modder, d_stilgar, decided to create the Companion Cube and slip a subwoofer into it.  Which would make your PC all the more geek friendly.  He is also working on two speakers that will also be Portal inspired to go with the subwoofer.  Hopefully he’ll get that …

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Pipe Organ Chair

by Edwin

How 2.0: Pipe Organ Chair from My Home 2.0 DIY on Vimeo. Don’t you just love the idea of convergence device? Well, the Pipe Organ Chair definitely sounds much better than a fart, but it does take a whole different of expertise level other than a healthy amount of beans on an empty stomach to come up with a symphony. This is a pipe organ chair that plays a tune …

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The SNES Controller that is 40in long and works

by Ally

If you’re tired of using your Wii to get a workout, you might try something a bit bigger.  This SNES controller is fully functioning and 40in long.  Which means you’re going to have to work a little harder to get through all of your favorite classic games.  Having to reach that far across and effectively press down on the buttons would probably prove to be more challenging.  If you look …

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NASA Papercraft

by AndrewD

NASA has an awesome section on their website made for “kids”. I’d like to think that what they meant to say is “kids at heart”, just so I can justify why I love it so damn much. They have some really cool goodies and even some awesome modeling work for us gadgeteers. When I came across these papercraft models of NASA spacecraft, I thought to myself “Where the heck have …

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DIY Music Box

by Edwin

Most of us will know of music boxes as pleasant pieces of home decorative items that tinkle the day away while you take a break from all the rigors of the office. Folks who have a penchant for something different might be interested in the DIY Music Box that is capable of accepting any punched paper “score”. This is the ‘big brother’ version of the Music Box Set. It has …

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