The Black & Decker Ll4000 3.6-Volt Lithium-Ion SmartDriver

by Ally

The older we get, the less coordinated we’re going to be.  Eventually our hands will likely shake and it’ll be difficult to do certain tasks.  Frankly, I already am overly clumsy and lack coordination at times.  Well if you’re either just clumsy or getting up there in years, but still want a way to be independent with your DIY projects, this is the way to go.  Magnetic screwdrivers are always …

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Wearable Toy Piano Shirt

by Mark R

This next device is currently not available at any particular catalog or website, but it really should be. After all, ThinkGeek is already offering the Electric Drum Kit Shirt, so why not one that is a Piano? The DIY Wearable Toy Piano shirt is designed for a DIY Festival that was held in Zurich last weekend. You can go to the Instructables site for some step-by-step instructions on how to …

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Cool Gift Ideas for People to Make

by Al

Our next gift guide is aimed at the techie that enjoys making stuff before playing with it.

Magna-Bones 32 pcs – $14.99

Magna-Bones 32 pcs

Magna-Bones includes the skeletal remains of a Triceratops. Once you dig out your bones, assemble and pose Tri-Tops. Learn about their history and life on the collectable tin card.
– Feel like a real paleontologist!
– Build cool models with bone shaped rods.
– Endless hours of construction!
– An excellent way to develop scientific knowledge and social development.

The Magna-Bones 32 pcs is available from Amazon for $14.99.


Wooden War Engine Kits – $19.99+

Wooden War Engine Kits

These kits let you bring back all the fun of flinging. Each one can assemble in just a few hours, and provides a fantastic scale model of an actual war weapon of yore. The catapult is perfect for chucking balls of paper and other small objects over cubicle walls. The trebuchet is better for long range targets (like the water cooler or networked printer). And, all you need to put them together are some strong fingers (or pliers), a cutting tool, and glue (not included). Both kits are perfect for showing your love of retro weaponry.

The Wooden War Engine Kits is available from Think Geek for $19.99+.


Classic Video Table Tennis Kit – $19.99+

Classic Video Table Tennis Kit

Blocky table tennis with a ball and two paddles was one of the first real video games to make it into mainstream culture. It took an awful lot of high-tech electronics in 1972 to create this classic game. Now however you can cobble together your very own Classic Video Table Tennis Game with a little determination and some basic soldering skillz. This kit contains a pre-printed circuit board and 39 various resistors, diodes, and capacitors. Solder everything together (following the instructions we hope) and plug the audio and video into any standard TV for instant Table Tennis action. You can play against another lowly human or challenge the computer at four different skill levels.

The Classic Video Table Tennis Kit is available from Think Geek for $19.99+.



Unibind Photobook Creator Preserves Memories

by Mark R

I have a wife who is an avid scrapbooker, so we have several books full of our memories ready to be perused by guests. Scrapbooking, if done well, takes a lot of time. However, with devices like the Unibind Photobook Creator, the time is significantly reduced, and the user has the option of binding their own scrapbooks. The Unibind Photobook Creator is very simple to use. The user takes his …

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Cardboard iPhone 3G dock

by Edwin

Want to do your bit for the environment, but have no idea where to start? Well, here’s one – if you own an iPhone 3G but lack a dock, you can always head on here to print it out in PDF format (A4 size, of course), place it on a piece of durable cardboard and start cutting it out with a pair of sharp scissors or a craft knife and …

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Skyaak Wing Ring Glider, betcha can’t make just one!

by Fred

From the mind of the Canadian artist Michael Gaudet comes a cool new D.I.Y. toy. It’s fun! The Skyaak Canadian Ring-Wing Glider features two cone-shaped wings on opposite ends of a central weighted shaft that you toss around with your buddies for fun. Skyaak, from Canada with love comes a great new concept in do it yourself toys. The Skyaak Deuce is the do it yourself model of the Skyaak. …

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The Cassette Tape Closet

by Ally

I’m not really sure that this should be called a makeover, but for the sake of simplicity, we’ll just call it that. This DIY job is for those that have far too many useless cassette tapes lying around. It’s understandable that some would, they were used for quite a few years, so it’d be easy to build up a large stash of them. So it’s established that there are probably …

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The Blender Defender keeps cats off the counters

by Ally

Cats are truly a pain to teach anything, because they really just don’t care.  Then if they know you’re not looking, they are more than happy to take advantage of that.  One devious cat owner finally got fed up and decided to do something about his sneaky kitty.  What you see in the photo is a strobe light and blender.  Both kick on by motion sensor as soon as the …

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