SodaStream Soda Maker kits save pop fans on soft drinks

by James

If you knew anything about me, you’d know that I should probably have stock in Coca Cola since I drink so much of the stuff. I know, I know, worst thing for me. But it’s the one vice I allow myself. Considering a can of Diet Coke can run you over a buck these days, the cost can not only add up, but it’s one of the largest profit margins …

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DIY Eco Speakers allow you to decorate and customize

by Ally


There are some that are willing to pay hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to get the top of the line sound and the quality looks that go along with it.  Which for them is fun, but not everyone needs that kind of a set up.  Instead, it’s entirely possible to go extremely minimal with your speakers.  You can now purchase a kit to create your very own DIY speakers.  What …

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Supertendo DIY project rocks

by Edwin


Most of us would have great memories of the SNES during its heydays, with Super Mario World being one of the flagship titles that had us ranting and raving about the gameplay and graphics, while other titles that showcased the SNES’ Mode 7 capability clearly demonstrated the console’s superiority over its bitter rival, the Sega Genesis. Well, modder Marshall has done a magical job with his self-dubbed Supertendo that looked …

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Fiat Cinque Tank custom-built bulldozer

by Edwin


Now this is one vehicle that ought to get the neighbor to sit up and take notice – even if he already owns a fleet of vehicles and take exotic holidays all over the globe, but chances are he’ll never be able to own this Fiat Cinque Tank right in his garage for one simple reason – it is custom built using an old Fiat 500 (preferably unwanted) body that …

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USB Cigar flash memory

by Edwin


Have designers run out of ways to make the USB flash drive a desirable piece of peripheral for your computer? Well, apparently not. Remember those rendered cigars of Sarge in Quake III and the cut-scene in Star Craft? Well, here’s something that will definitely make your desktop much cooler sans smoke – the USB Cigar flash memory. It won’t harm your lungs one bit, and will actually glow red when …

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NES Controller turned into iPhone 3GB Dock

by Ally


Although normally gadget DIY projects are incredibly complicated and most people couldn’t dream of pulling it off, this is one that just about anyone could pull off.  That is provided you have the proper tools, probably a Dremel would be the best tool for this one.  If you already have an old NES controller and the Dremel this would be an incredibly affordable dock.  Which is nice since most Apple …

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LOLrioKart is a hoot

by Edwin


Everyone looks back on their college days with fondness, as we tend to be involved in some really crazy antics back in the days. Well, students who go to MIT are different not just because of their intellect, but for their enterprising spirit that has consistently placed the institution’s name at the very top of universities to attend worldwide. This time round, a bunch of MIT students decided to take …

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Rotary phone turned into desk lamp

by Ally


One thing I’ve always preferred is to own an older retro looking phone.  However, I’m not so fond of actually using one as my main phone, since I like being able to move throughout the house without having a cord to deal with.  Which makes it a little pointless to even bother owning an older phone.  If you’re into the retro technology though, here’s a great idea on how to …

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