Pac-Man Rubik’s Cube

by Edwin

Most of the older folks who are in their middle age these days would have definitely remembered the Rubik’s Cube from their youthful days, although whether that memory is a fond one of completing it or a frustrating effort that ended at the second tier colored line. If you’re a geek, here’s one that ought to relive those memories – the Pac-Man Rubik’s Cube. It was designed with ghosts as …

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Two MIT students capture images of Earth from space for under $150

by Mark R


See that picture to the left? Beautiful, isn’t it? Believe it or not, it wasn’t shot by a million-dollar satellite, but a simple handheld camera by two M.I.T. students who haven’t been to space, yet. Justin Lee and Oliver Yeh didn’t have Dennis Tito’s $20 million dollars to go into orbit, but what they did have was a weather balloon, a styrofoam cooler, hand warmers, a GPS enabled phone, and …

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Tube Clock Kit lets you build it yourself

by Ally


There’s never a shortage of odd clocks on the internet.  Yet, how many of those can you have a hand in the constructing process?  Well this Ice Tube Clock gives you the opportunity to have a lot more involvement in the process of creating the clock.  Instead of putting in your order and getting a shiny new clock all put together.  You’ll pay money to order a clock you have …

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Flatbed Scanner disguised as book

by Ally


Gadgets typically look like, well, gadgets.  They look shiny, new and a combination of plastic and metal.  Being someone that not only adores old looking technology (almost antique in appearance), but your older than average books as well, sometimes I get tired of the same old technology day in and day out.  Well apparently I’m not the only one, because one person decided that their scanner needed to blend in …

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Wiimote turned into MP3 player

by Edwin


The Wiimote is one versatile piece of plastic, as an enterprising brain decided to pick its innards and replace it with the presence of an iPod Shuffle inside. Heck, even the case has been modified a bit to accommodate a pair of headphones, with the Shuffle residing comfortably within the confines of where the AA batteries are supposed to be. Definitely adding a whole lot more bulk to what was …

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Steampunk Mouse uses a sheep skull

by Ally


There is steampunk and then there is the spooky morbid form of steampunk.  This would be the morbid kind, obviously.  Despite that it is truly morbid and somewhat wrong, you have to admit that they did a great job with this mouse and it’s most definitely a very original mouse.  Somehow I doubt you’ll ever run into one like it.  This skull mouse is also bound to turn heads, of …

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Steampunk USB Flash Drive

by Ally


Usually I prefer for my flash drives to be small, but not so small that I’m constantly worrying that I’m going to lose it.  You know the kind I’m talking about, the ones that are so small you have to attach something to it to make sure that it stays with your keys, otherwise it wouldn’t last a day.  Well this one goes for the opposite end of things, it’s …

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Chinese Man Makes his own Helicopter

by Mark R


I realize that normally we devote our articles to products you can actually buy, but the story behind this man’s helicopter is flat-out amazing and inspirational to us all. Wu Zhongyuan is a 20 year old farmer who, ever since he was a child, dreamed of not needing to climb mountains anymore. It would appear that he found his remedy by creating his own flying machine. Wu used principles that …

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