Lego Star Wars Foosball Table

by Edwin

Now how cool is that – a Lego Star Wars Foosball Table which sees all of the foosmen being replaced by Lego Star Wars mini-figs? Imagine that, and more – this epic table is a definite win since the whole table itself is made out of Lego bricks – yes, you read that right. The entire table is one fantasy piece of Lego land, and we’re just stoked to see …

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Guppie is one tool to rule them all

by Mark R

We have reported on the Lil Guppie before, and I suppose that this is the next step up, the Guppie. Actually, I think that this Guppie is the same as the Lil Guppie, just like Lil Bow Wow is the same as Bow Wow. (Oh, why do those young rappers put Lil in front of their names? Don’t they know that they will grow out of the Lil?) This Guppie …

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Wiimote proton pack ain’t afraid of no ghost

by Mark R

If there is one franchise that shouldn’t be overdone, it is Ghostbusters. I mean, it had one glorious film in 1984 that is still funny, though the special effects look fake. It is a shame that the Ghostbusters II wasn’t the beginning of a whole slew of good Ghostbusters films, or at least a tacked-on trilogy. There is currently a Ghostbusters game that is available on all consoles, and one …

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Enlighted offers lighted capes and cloaks

by Edwin

Enlighted is a company that certainly knows how to help you make a fashion statement in front of everyone else – it offers a light-up cape or cloak, so never mind if you have a symbol of a bat across your chest, or come dressed in red and blue leotards with the ability to stick onto ceilings and walls with uncanny ease – both Batman and Spiderman won’t be able …

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CubeStormer solves Rubik’s Cubes in ten seconds

by Mark R

I thought I’d give you readers at Coolest Gadgets a Friday treat with the CubeStormer. The CubeStormer was designed by British engineer Mike Dobson, and it is made up of parts from several Lego Mindstorms sets connected to a computer. It is designed to solve a Rubik’s cube faster than any one of those cubists back in the early eighties. You can watch the video after the jump, but you …

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DIY Wi-Fi Detecting Bumper Sticker

by Ally


You probably remember the Wi-Fi detecting t-shirt that allows for you to light up every single time the shirt detects a signal.  Well now someone has taken that same shirt and found a way to turn it into a bumper sticker.  That way you have all of those wi-fi detecting abilities while you’re on the road.  Of course it’ll require you to do a little work all on your own, …

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Headless USB Barbie

by Edwin


Barbie must’ve been an unrecorded wife of Henry VIII – as she has to undergo a decapicitation each time you want to access data within her. Hmmm, who says blondes are dumb, considering the amount of memory she holds within? Definitely one of the creepier DIY USB flash drive projects, and it might traumatize some of the smaller girls around who love their Barbies to death, but it sure is …

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Gameboy gets a steampunk makeover

by Ally


If you were ever considering attempting to steampunk something, this would be a great one to start on.  As far as steampunking goes this one is actually affordable and a bit more simple than it initially appears.  Some mods go above and beyond anything the average person could ever pull off, but this one might not be so bad to attempt on an old Gameboy that’s still alive and kicking.

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