Light up hoodie

by Edwin

Paula Kassenaar has come up with a hoodie that boasts a light strip in the front edge. Basically, the front segment of the hoodie is a knitted variable resistor, where the resistance varies whenever you fiddle with it. Makes us wonder whether one needs to be so emotional when wearing one of these puppies, looking all moody with a brooding face. Ah well, we suppose the Jedi and Sith back …

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Victorian Organ Command Desk

by Ally

As far as desk set ups go this has to be the ultimate this world has to offer.  It took a serious amount of work to be created, but the end result appears well worth it.  After finishing it, I doubt you’d want to tuck it away in an office where it’s rarely viewed by guests.  This very large desk has been redone from an old Victorian organ and had …

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See your Inbox on your T-Shirt

by Mark R

I suppose that all of us don’t like to be away from our e-mail for a prolonged period of time, myself included. However, if I just knew that I didn’t have a lot of e-mails to check, I might be able to enjoy my time away from my computer. As you can probably tell from this photo, this is a DIY project. Chris and Madeline Ball posted their work on …

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Desktop Ballbot can keep its balance

by Mark R

I don’t really have a good sense of balance, as I know from playing on the WiiFit Balance Board. I don’t think that I could stand on a ball for too long, but this Ballbot, as it is called, seems to do a very good job of it. Apparently, there was a larger version of this robot made a while ago, but this one is designed to be on the …

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Manga doll turned into robot

by Edwin

Who would have thought that something as cute as a regular manga doll can actually be transformed into a robot? That’s exactly what an enterprising person did, using old, unwanted manga dolls to stuf a controller board behind her thick mane. The doll itself measures no more than 4″ in height, so there isn’t enough space to throw in more cool functions and features, so don’t expect it to go …

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wUnderglow Wheelchair Light

by Edwin

For those of you who are recuperating in a wheelchair to get about, how about adding some zest to your ordinary adventures with the wUnderglow Wheelchair Light? After all, it not only enhances night-time visibility but provides a fun “underglow” effect similar to those colored light tubes as found on the underside of some rice rockets. A white micro-light is there to light your way, while multi-colored strobing micro-lights make …

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DIY Fork Head iPhone stand

by Edwin

Holding up your iPod while you’re seated with a desk in front of you can be pretty tiring on your hand(s) after a couple of hours into the movie, and the constant shifting does not make for a decent viewing experience. However, getting one of those iPod holders does not seem worth it to you, so what do you do next? Enter the DIY Fork Head iPhone stand – this …

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DIY hack of Mindflex has shocking implications

by Mark R

I just got finished reporting about a pinball machine that you can control with your mind at CeBIT, and that, in my opinion, is a good use for brain-interface technology. Now, you are about to see a bad one. This DIY gadget uses a MindFlex, a device that we have reported on before. It is a toy created by Mattel that allows the user/player to control the height of a …

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