Morse Code Clock

by Ally

It seems that no one uses Morse code anymore, I don’t even think the military teaches it like they did.  Well you can be the lone man that stands against progress.  Just make yourself the Morse Code Clock and you’ll keep your knowledge a whole lot more fresh.  You never know when that could come in handy, come some apocalyptic situation and you might just have to teach the world …

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2GB FlashHarp Playable Harmonica USB flash drive

by Edwin

With Independence Day coming up, what better way to celebrate it than with the 2GB FlashHarp Playable Harmonica USB flash drive? After all, making music is always a good thing, and to do so while celebrating the birth of our nation is always a joyful thing. A combination of both a harmonica and USB flash drive ensures you can always upload photos of each year’s ID4 celebration onto it while …

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DIY Stargate looks awesome

by Edwin

Are you a huge fan of the Stargate sci-fi series? Apparently, this dad is, which is why he decided to spend some quality time with his son to build up a replica Stargate using nothing but their hands and a whole lot of heart from scratch. There were no blueprints to refer to – only one’s imagination, and the materials required included wood, coat hangers, tubing and styrofoam. To make …

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Build Your Own Roller Coaster, COOOOLLLL!

by Al

Roller Coaster Kit

This has got to be the coolest kit out there, make your own fully functioning roller coaster, I don’t know what father would not want one of these for upcoming fathers day (if my daughters reading this then please start saving) It includes the classic roller coaster loop and for added realism the shoulder restraints automatically move up and down at the operating station. The included software lets you ride …

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LuminAR robotic lamp designed by MIT student

by Mark R

Most college dormitories come with a standard lamp that is good for…light, really. These lamps are usually cheaply made to give the college student the minimum of what they need. If you are MIT student Nathan Linder, you turn your lamp into the LuminAR robotic lamp, which does something more than just shine a light. Linder attached a pico-projector to his lamp, so he could have a way to project …

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Coffee Cup Sphere Lamp

by Ally

If you’re a coffee addict, then you’ve gone through your fair shar of disposable coffee cups.  Now instead of trashing them constantly and contributing to the local dump’s size, you can use those cups to add a little bit of lighting in your home.  Then after the project is finished you’ll have a very modern looking disco ball.  To get one you’ll just have to follow the Instructables tutorial and …

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Jacket has 200 laser diodes

by Mark R

This gadget proves to me that there are some things that you should do with technology, simply because you can. Case in point, a jacket that is nothing but “frickin’ lasers”. There are about 200 of these laser diodes that are sewn on the garment itself. There is nothing here that could help feed the world, but this jacket is just “frickin’ cool”. I suppose the reason why this laser-jacket …

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Kraken steampunk 3D goggles

by Edwin

Love all things steampunk? You might be interested in this then, the Kraken steampunk 3D goggles thanks to the efforts of Will Rockwell, where this pair of goggles look really revolutionary and well ahead of its time. Despite being homemade, it is touted to be very comfortable to put on, with lenses crafted from a set of Real3D glasses, making it suitable for use when viewing 3D movies in theaters. …

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