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We love to experience the world in new and exciting ways, and have no problem spending a little money to do it. Some people, with big wallets, like playing with the latest and greatest toys and gadgets, while others don’t mind waiting for the price to drop or build it themselves. If you aren’t adept in the waiting or building department though, it might just be better to save and pay up.

While you could definitely build yourself a paper airplane at home and have a modicum of fun, it won’t compare to the PowerUp FPV Paper Airplane. You’ll still have to build the paper airplane part, but this kit will let it fly for 10 minutes, and give you a bird’s eye view of the flight. On top of that, using the included Google cardboard FPV viewer, you’ll be able to control the direction of the plane with your head movements alone.

This uses a micro USB for charging, comes with 2 spare propellers, has 8 template sheets for making your plane, a spare rubber bumper, sense cleaning swab, 550 mAh Lipo battery, and a smartphone protection strap. You’ll be able to live stream and record your flight through your iOS or Android smartphones, where you’ll also be able to steer manually if you prefer. This isn’t a cheap toy at $199.99, but you’re an adult, and you can spend your money how you want.

Available for purchase on Amazon
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This Flexible Screwdriver Extender makes challenging crevices easy to work with Mon, 12 Dec 2016 18:30:33 +0000 flexible-screwdriver-extender

When you’re doing any sort of home improvement, you begin to realize why there are so many tools and accessories for these projects. Not everything is flat-surface-to-flat surface with perfect measurements in well-lit areas that are easy to access. This is why there are drills with lights, tools that vary in size from tiny to industrial, and all sorts of attachments to make your life easier.

While you can usually muscle through some situations, it’s usually better to have the proper tools at hand. It’s the only way to make sure you don’t have to deal with fixing one aspect and scuffing, breaking, or damaging another. This Flexible Screwdriver Extender will make sure that no job is too tight or awkward to reach. This has a 11.5” shaft that is flexible, and will work with any quarter inch hex shank drill bits, connecting to your drill or screwdriver through a 1/4” hex shank.

This comes with 10 bits, and is only going to cost you $14.99, which is a paltry sum compared to how much time you’d spend without being able to snake your way to hard-to-reach spots. Time is money, as we all know. To make this a sweeter deal, they included a screwdriver with a ratcheting handle. While it may not be an amazing tool every moment you use it, when you find that sweet spot, it’s far easier on your body than having to constantly overturn your wrist.

Available for purchase on Amazon
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The Color Muse helps you choose precise hues for everything from paint to clothes Wed, 09 Nov 2016 18:30:24 +0000 color-muse

Color, much like music, can evoke certain emotions out of us. It’s funny, because if the shade of color is just slightly altered, a vibrant blue or warm red might not have the same affect on us as it would have otherwise. If you work in artistic fields, then you know how important it is to keep those colors exact, especially when it comes to a finished product.

While you will still likely fight with a printer if you’re dealing with digital art, you can at least start off with the color you want through Color Muse. This is a portable hand-held device that you can place directly onto any item that has a color you like, and that will add it to a color library on your phone. This means you can log colors from flower petals, carpet, paint, sweaters, and basically anything else. From there it will show you similar colors, and where you can pick up paint of the color you like.

The app is available separate from this device, but you will obviously be getting more precision by purchasing the $49 accessory. You’ll also be able to look at entire interiors that were decorated based on the colors you chose. Obviously this would be something professionals would love to use, as well as those of us who just like to play around with colors. Doing interior decorating on your own would certainly be much easier with this as well.

Available for purchase on Amazon
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This Diversirtech Drain Clearing Gun uses air to deal with clogs Tue, 08 Nov 2016 18:30:15 +0000 diversitech

When you have a drain line that gets clogged, you can call a professional, or take matters into your own hands. This normally means using a fuzzy pipe cleaner or a mascara brush if you can see the issue, but if you’re too rough you might make a hole in your line. There are all sorts of drain cleaners available on the market, but some methods are bulky (having to lug around a Nitrogen tank) or dangerous with the use of chemicals.

If you want a quick, easy, and extremely portable method of dealing with clogs, then this Diversirtech Drain Clearing Gun will make quick work of the issue. This portable tool blows out 800-PSI of oil-free food grade air with the press of a trigger. This is meant for lines that have a 3/8 – 3/4” opening, so don’t think this is going to help you with things that have to do with your toilet. Think more along the lines of A/C unit drain lines or washing machines.

This would likely be of use for repairmen or those who maintain buildings with multiple A/C or washer units. While this isn’t terribly expensive at around $44 for the gun, the cartridges will quickly up the price as each shot will cost almost $3 a piece, and the initial purchase doesn’t come with any of them. There are more than likely ways to go about fitting much cheaper Co2 cartridges onto this, they just won’t be name brand. If they work though, it’ll be better than blowing $30 on a 12-pack.

Available for purchase on Amazon
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The WORX Switch Drill cuts down on time changing out tools Thu, 22 Sep 2016 19:00:17 +0000 worx-switch-drill

When you have a project in mind, there are many steps to take it from idea to concept to project. Coming up with the idea and seeing the finished product are the best parts of the process, but the tedium in between is the only way you’ll get to see both sides of the coin. That being said, the world has been thinking up and creating things long enough now that there are tools to help speed up just about every facet of a DIY project.

If you need to do a lot of drilling and driving in your project, you’ve likely gotten annoyed at having to switch parts, treating each as a different step. This WORX Switch Drill will cut that time in half, if not more, as you’ll be able to switch from drilling to driving with the press of a button. Not only that, but the electronic clutch will prevent you from messing anything up. There are 12 speeds, and that should cover a wide range of of drilling and fastening applications.

This 20V MaxLithium switch driver has two 1/4 in. chucks that rotate 180 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise with the push of a button. This will work with any 1/4 in hex-shaped bits, which gives you a good bit of variety. It also has a 12 speed motor, LED light for the driver, and will cost you $89.99. For those that already use WORX tools, you’ll be happy to know that this uses the same 20-Volt battery that most of their garden and power tools use.

Available for purchase on Amazon
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The Shaper Origin makes you look like a master carpenter by coloring in the lines Thu, 15 Sep 2016 19:30:02 +0000 shaper-origin

When you want to make something but don’t know how, it’s difficult to know where to start. Usually making something out of wood or metal requires very precise measurements and cutting, but it doesn’t always have to be that difficult. The age of robotics has made our lives so much easier with the Roomba, automatic lawn cutting, Riley home security and more.

Now robotics, and the people at Shaper, give you Origin, which will help you make whatever you’d like out of wood, plastic, and metal. This is a machine you grab with both hands, select what you want to make on the touchscreen, and color in the lines on the screen, which a drill bit is turning into lines or deep cuts. As you move, the machine will make corrections for your inexperienced hands, with the point being that you’re supposed to take the technology for granted.

Whenever you place it on a surface, it takes a picture of its surroundings. Removable strips of tape covered in dotted markings help it “see” what its looking at. This is so fool-proof that if you get off track, the drill bit will stop cutting. This is certainly cheaper than a CNC machine, but if you’re not great at designing, you will be somewhat limited. There are of course, plenty of prefabricated designs to use, but if you’re only getting it to play with here and there, it’s not really a justified purchase at $1499, unless you’ve got more money than you know what to do with.

Available for preorder on shapertools
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Design Out Loud! Cardboard Speakers is a cool DIY project Tue, 30 Aug 2016 12:00:49 +0000 cardboard-speakersIt is not everyday that you purchase a pair of speakers in which you need to assemble the various parts yourself, that is for sure! Of course, it is always a whole lot easier purchasing a brand new speaker without having to go through the motions of fixing the various parts together, but where is the fun in that for all of you hands-on folks? The $24.99 Design Out Loud! Cardboard Speakers sounds (pardon the pun) like a whole lot of fun, where this entire kit will come with its fair share of markers and paint to boot.

This set of two small speakers (don’t expect to use the to rock out an entire room, that is for sure!) will help you unleash your creative juices as each design perfectly reflects the music on the mix and the mood it creates. This special kit has been designed for DIY creativity at its best, where you will make use of the markers, paint, and others to create a unique and personal set of mobile speakers. Once you are done, just plug their 3.5mm standard audio jack into your PC or device and you’re good to go.
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WalabotDIY allows consumers to gain X-ray vision for home improvement projects Mon, 22 Aug 2016 13:00:02 +0000 walabotBeing able to see through walls, or right past a block of concrete is definitely something that many of us would love to have. After all, it would turn us into super sleuths, as we can figure out just where hidden compartments are in a crime scene, and of course, for the boys who have their raging hormones in check, they might use it to satisfy their lust. Not so with the $299 WalabotDIY, however, as it is a device that enables one to gain ‘Superman vision’, or X-ray vision, depending on how you would like to call it.

The WalabotDIY is a 3D imaging tool that offers consumers the chance to enjoy ‘Superman vision’ when it comes to tackling home renovation projects, construction and DIY tasks. Vayyar Imaging is the company behind the WalabotDIY, a device that has been specially created for the home renovator, construction worker, and DIY enthusiast.

With the WalabotDIY, one will be able to see through drywall, cement and other materials in order to determine the location of pipes, wires, and even rodents’ nests if you would like to flush out those pests. It is available in the US at launch exclusively, where the power of 3D imaging will now be made available to consumers in the palm of their hand for the first time.

It does not matter whether you would like to hang a gallery wall, or to install some shelves, or even to hunt down the pesky leak or to drill into a wall without the fear of hitting a pipe or electrical wire, the WalabotDIY is able to help you out. It plays nice with all smartphones that are powered by Android 5.0 and above, where it will be equipped with USB OTG, and connects magnetically to the back of the phone. All you need to do is to download the WalabotDIY app via Google Play and go through a short calibration process, where the WalabotDIY can then be used to scan the wall, and the wall images are then projected on the smartphone’s screen.

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The GlowForge 3D Laser Printer will let your creativity run wild Tue, 03 May 2016 19:30:06 +0000 Glowforge

Are you the type of person who wants to surround yourself with works of art, and have reminders of creative endeavors everywhere? If you don’t already know how to make traditional pieces of art, it’s a pretty expensive endeavor and takes a long time to teach yourself (definitely try it though because it’s fun!). What if you could make whatever you wanted out of almost any kind of material or improve the visual quality of things that you already have with little more work than having an idea?

The GlowForge will let you do all of that and more, as this is a 3D Laser Printer that built its design off of laser cutter and engraver technology. This means you can not only cut out a design, but engrave on top of it as well, adding in whatever crazy details you can come up with. Yes, even a doodle of a stick figure can be engraved into wood, leather, acrylic, fabric, cardboard, or paper. I don’t know about you, but having a laser cutter/engraver with the precision to the breadth of a human hair is pretty impressive.

The interior camera will show you on your computer screen where the design will land, and if it needs adjusting you can move it with a mouse or finger. Thanks to the lens that moves faster than the laser, materials that are irregular or curved will still be cut appropriately. It can also detect materials, so your iphone or laptop can be engraved without fear that they’ll be sliced in half. It connects to WiFi, works with most platforms and programs, and only needs to plug into a single outlet. While this would normally be $3,995, it’s presently $2,395 on pre-order. Happy creating!

Available for pre-order on glowforge
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Gear Gripz – don’t let something precious slip away from you Fri, 22 Jan 2016 18:30:29 +0000 Gear Gripz

We live on our phones just as much as we live in the real world. In a flash we can talk to our family whether they’re two doors down or on the other side of the world. Not to mention we can work on our phone, play games, watch movies, keep up with the news, pay bills, and just about everything else you could imagine. Of course, some people don’t like to keep their several hundred dollar phone in a protective case.

If you are one such person, you might want to take at least some measure of precaution to keep your phone from falling out of your hand or bag so easily. These Gear Gripz will not only give a custom look to your phone, but will give it extra grip so it’s a bit harder to escape you. This is grippy tape that you will have to adhere your phone, and while it won’t damage your device, it may leave behind some residue after it has been on for a while that might need some serious cleaning to get off.

Of course, if your phone is safely in an Otterbox or some other casing, then maybe you have a thermos, flashlight, controller, or some other slippery device that needs a bit more grip. If you’re willing to shell out $19 you’ll get 6 sheets of pre-cut tape. It will be easy to start adding grips to everything, and you may find yourself wanting more! Although, try not to take it too far.

Available for purchase on technabobshop
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