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DIY Gamer Kit might spark the Shigeru Miyamoto in you

by Edwin - on November 30th, 2015

For those of you who enjoy playing video games, have you ever gave thought to the kind of hard work and sweat that went into each project? Those great game programmers all had to start somewhere, as their interest in the market must have kicked off with perhaps a wild imagination, an encouraging mentor, some positive thinking, and a myriad of other factors. How about the youth of today who would want to kick off their gaming career, but do not quite know how to do it? Perhaps getting them this £64.99 DIY Gamer Kit is a good place to begin.

With the DIY Gamer Kit, you will be able to literally build your own games console – won’t that sound grand on your resume in the future? Of course, it does not stop there as well, since you can then take the next step by creating your very own video games and learning how to code your inventions, and all of these are made possible courtesy of extremely easy-to-use software. You can also enjoy the games you invent on the console you built, and aspiring programmers will definitely have a field day with it! Legendary games such as Breakout and Snake will arrive pre-installed to get you started.

tinyTesla Musical Tesla Coil Kit merges both science and art

by Edwin

tiny-teslaEver wish that you could make sparks fly in a laboratory experiment, since none of it is happening in your forever alone lifestyle? Well, that is now possible with the $229.99 tinyTesla Musical Tesla Coil Kit, which is surely costly at first for the outlay, but at least you will be able to be a proud owner of a brand new Tesla coil. How many people among your circle of friends can boast of having the same? Not likely, unless everyone else has the same interests as you.

After all, the Tesla coil is nothing short of fascinating, thanks to the signature purple discharge sparks as well as plasma streamers of ionized particles. Heck, just thinking about them should be able to send a tingle down your spine, don’t you think so? With the tinyTesla Musical Tesla Coil Kit, one will be able to learn more about alternating-current electricity in a literally hands-on manner which remains easily accessible and not intimidating. If you have the skills to perform basic soldering, then it is a snap to come up with your very own Tesla coil using this kit. Not only that, the specially designed interrupter lets you control the pressure waves generated by the Tesla coil via your Windows, Mac, or Linux laptop, allowing one to make MIDI music with the tinyTesla as long as it is connected to your computer via a USB cable, now how about that? Definitely a fun toy to own which has something to do with electricity, like the WiTricity.

Wallet Ninja Pro 26-in-1 Multi-Tool ups the ante from its predecessor

by Edwin

wallet-ninja-proWe have seen the Wallet Ninja last year, which proved to be quite the purchase to carry around if you so happen to want to be a MacGyver, saving damsels in distress wherever you are. If you felt that the Wallet Ninja itself was good, but not great, perhaps the slim and stealthy £9.99 Wallet Ninja Pro 26-in-1 Multi-Tool would be able to change your mind into picking one up!

The Wallet Ninja Pro 26-in-1 Multi-Tool, as its name suggests, is the first 100% flat 26-in-1 multi-tool in the whole wide world. I suppose you can say that this is a whole lot more impressive than arrows dipped in poison, as it is perfect for trade professionals such as carpenters, electricians and plumbers. Just like the ancient ninja, it will be stealthy, thanks to the relatively thin form factor, allowing you to slip it into pockets and wallets without missing a beat. Do take note, however, that it does not double up as a deadly shuriken, so there’s no point in throwing it around. The 26 devices would include a protractor, 4 hex head wrenches, 3 hex head indicators, 13 drill bit guides, nail puller, bottle opener, CM & inch ruler.

Volumizing Hair Styler rocks your world on the cheap

by Edwin

volumizing-hair-stylerIt is said that hair is a person’s crowning glory – and this is even more so for the ladies than for guys. Guys tend to give this particular excuse, that a well used road does not grow any grass. Having said that, if you are starting to feel the pinch due to the ever rising costs of living no matter where you turn to, you might even want to start embarking on a journey of handling your own hairdo before the next big night out. Rather than to call your hairstylist to drop by your place on the evening of a glitzy gala, how about picking up the $49.95 Volumizing Hair Styler and let it do wonders?

The Volumizing Hair Styler happens to be a volumizing brush complete with detachable brush heads which will set in place as curlers so that it can easily dry and style hair – simultaneously, now how about that? When used with a blow dryer, the time-saving styler will be able to add volume thanks to its ventilated barrel which speeds up the drying process as well as a ceramic surface that will combat frizz. The moment a section of hair is wrapped around the gentle nylon bristles, all it takes is a quick pop with the thumb in order to detach the barrel and secure it on the head like a curler – sans clips, too. Each set will comprise of a single universal styling handle and half a dozen detachable brushes. Do make sure you have a hair dryer before that.

Robot used by creative gamer to progress in game

by Edwin

destiny-robotSome games do require this thing known as “grinding”, that is, collecting enough experience points so that they are able to increase their level by yet another tier, and so on and so forth. Having said that, this can prove to be quite a drag and is not one of the more pleasant aspects of a game, which is why this particularly creative gamer decided to make a robot perform such a menial task. In a game like Destiny (on the Xbox One and PS4), weekly missions happen to be the most fun content, but to maximize the fun level, one would have to grind through Destiny’s uninspired story and low-level content. Known as Redditor yavin427, he taped a couple of servos to his Xbox One gamepad with an Arduino to control them.

Hence, his Guardian will hit the relevant buttons on a timer, ensuring that a seemingly endless flood of enemies will be killed slowly but surely. In a particularly specific mission, the Guardian and enemies will spawn in such a manner where the enemies will make a rush for the Guardian from the beginning, ending up in his crosshairs. Through alternating punching and shooting enemies, yavin427’s character achieved a soft level cap of 20 – and this has happened while he was asleep. While it is not the fastest way to level up, it is definitely a fun experiment. All in all, this little experiment logged approximately 3,600 kills and 900 deaths.


Build Your Own Jumping Robot ought to help you kill some time

by Edwin

jumping-robotDuring the holiday season, the weather might not be all that great for those of us living in places where snowfall amounts to the feet – and not inches. Well, being cooped up at home does not mean that you should not indulge in a few rounds of video games, but neither do you need to remain glued in front of the TV all day long. What about tickling the imagination and brain with the $49.95 Build Your Own Jumping Robot?

This is one interesting kit which will be able to teach children the basic ins and outs of robotics and mechanics, and this is achieved through the construction of a robot which is capable of jumping. Well, better jump around than to actually lop off someone’s head due to an AI that has gained self-awareness and figured out that humanity is a threat that needs to be exterminated, right? This unique project will feature clawlike hands and a blue helmet, complete with a central spring and a couple of snail-shaped cams located within each arm. When turned on, the cams will rotate and compress the spring; storing up enough energy so that when released, the robot will bounce off the ground. Running on a couple of AAA batteries, this jumping robot does sound like fun – just like any other robot projects that we have seen in the past.

Wooden Mechanical Clock Kit tells the time in classical style

by Edwin

wooden-mechanical-clockThere is just something about wood that oozes with class, especially when it comes to making use of it in different forms – such as a wooden trim in a luxury car, or perhaps some wooden panels in your home that provide a far warmer look. When it comes to telling the time, there has been wooden clocks that we have looked at in the past, but the $69.99 Wooden Mechanical Clock Kit does seem to beat them all.

With the Wooden Mechanical Clock Kit, you would best put on your best DIY cap, since you would be required to build it yourself. How does it work? For starters, it will take advantage of the integrated pendulum and weight in order to keep track of time. This is definitely an advanced kit that you might want to consider for the serious DIY horologist, especially taking note that Christmas is right around the corner. You would need to roll up those sleeves of yours, and get involved with gluing, cutting and greasing your gears in order to end up with a fully-functional, wooden pendulum clock that tells the time, although you are required to wind it up from time to time.

DIY Solar System provides a fun way of learning

by Edwin

diy-solar-systemIf you were to be a cat and would like to learn about the solar system, just what would be the best way of getting around doing so? Some folks might say that using sardines or tuna as an incentive would be the perfect way of doing so, but the folks over at Thinkgeek have come up with the $19.99 DIY Solar System, which is a fun way as well since it will allow one to make planets using yarn. And we all jolly well know just how crazy can cats be when it comes to a ball of yarn, although they tend to be more destructive than constructive.

The solar system is our home, where we happen to live on the third rock from the sun in which we call earth. The DIY Solar System allows one to craft out the entire solar system using nothing but yarn, as you wrap balloons in yard alongside a special kind of glue solution, giving the glue some time to harden before you pop those balloons. Once done, it is up to you to paint those planets according to the colors of your choice although it would be best to pull out an encyclopedia and paint them accordingly. Each purchase will also come with a16 page manual that will be accompanied by a trio of experiments.

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