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Making your own or hacking gadgets can be great fun, hear we share the various DIY gadget projects that we’ve found or done.


Groundbreaker is the ultimate Multi-Tool device for wiring jobs

by Edwin

When you have a particular tool that is known as the Groundbreaker which claims to be able to deliver its role as the ultimate “Multi-Tool” device when it comes to wiring jobs, surely there is ground (pardon the pun) to believe such claims, especially when one has dropped a whopping $129.99 on the Groundbreaker already. In a nutshell, it ought to be your toolbox that screams for this particular tool to be part of the arsenal, instead of it being the other way around.

“One tool to rule them all,” you can say so. DIY enthusiasts would definitely be able to find that the Groundbreaker is worth checking out and of course, purchasing. Considering how Father’s Day is around the corner soon, you might want to make sure that dad gets something slightly different this year instead of the usual necktie or yet another long sleeved shirt. In fact, you might actually gain additional enthusiasm in performing DIY jobs around the home with the Groundbreaker, so much so that when a light blows, you would also love to replace the switch and wiring as well. It sports crimpers, copper wire cutters, wire strippers, and more, all rolled within a single package.

FLORAbrella brings color to a gloomy day

by Edwin

florabellaIt does not matter if it is going to rain 40 days and 40 nights once more, and while you might perish with the rest of the world in the next global flood, at least you can go out cheerfully – thanks to the wonders of the FLORAbrella. With the FLORAbrella, you will end up as a rainbow in the midst of a storm, so to speak, thanks to its NeoPixel LED strips and color sensor which enables you to match your clothing, or display rainbow and rain patterns if you so desire.

This is a project that will require some hands-on experience though, since you will need to create the circuit in the first place before mounting it in the dome of the umbrella, followed by finishing it nicely through the creation of clear vinyl hammocks for the battery, FLORA and color sensor. It will require an intermediate-level of knowledge alongside its fair share of precise soldering on the LED strips, but the end result is definitely well worth the effort, I must say!

DIY Lunar Modules Light-up Paper Toys are fun and cheap

by Edwin

lunar-modules-lightup-paper-toysNormally, when we talk about papercraft, most of the time it would have nothing to do with electricity or the ilk, as a pair of scissors and some glue would be able to do the trick. Well, the $15.99 DIY Lunar Modules Light-up Paper Toys might be something that parents would want to check out, especially when you take into consideration just how expensive some childrens’ toys can get these days. The electric papercraft that you see here will come combined with an electronics kit, where you will be able to toy with a trio of landers, namely the Spaceboy, Alien Girl, and Tabula Rasa (which is blank, in order for you to jazz it up with your own art).

The DIY Lunar Modules Light-up Paper Toys have been described to be a perfect combination of papercraft and electronics, where it is officially known as “papertronics.” These are paper toys with electronic circuits within, and turning on your DIY Lunar Modules Light-up Paper Toys would make them cool night lights that kids would love to own in their room, or adults at their special project bench in the basement or up in the attic. All that you need is some imagination, some artistic ability and a little extra tape, and you’re good to go. Each purchase comes with a trio of Lunar Modules, 3 resistors, 3 LEDs, 3 strips of metal tape, 3 batteries (CR 2032), and the relevant instructions.

LEGO Keyboard is certainly irresistable

by Edwin

lego-keyboardThere is just something magical about these tiny little plastic bricks known as LEGO which are able to fit with one another perfectly, and removed easily to boot with but a single pry of the fingernail. All it takes is the imagination of a master builder in order to get the job done, wowing whoever lays their eyes on your masterpiece. Jason Allemann can be said to be one of those master builders, where he does carry an air of achievement around him, being famous for many of his LEGO creations in the past. This time around, it would be a fully functional LEGO keyboard that has captured the attention of the masses.

This LEGO keyboard was created using official LEGO pieces in addition to a circuit board from a standard keyboard (but of course). It is rather interesting to see the various kinds of substitutions that Jason has made concerning the various keys, including CAPS Lock, the Windows Key, as well as Print Screen. The working man’s hat makes it all too tempting to press each time you take a look at the LEGO keyboard, don’t you think so?

Gyrobot might awake the inner engineer in your little one

by Edwin

gyrobotThere is just something about a little kid whose brain remains uncontaminated and is full of wonder about the world around him or her. Their imagination, too, tends to wander to far off places that we adults have seemingly lost such magic already. How about influencing their thinking and awakening their dormant engineering spirit with the $44.99 Gyrobot? This unique purchase for your little one would allow them to build 7 different machines using all the included parts, where there will be 102 pieces in total alongside 24-page instruction manual that you might want to go through with them so that they know what they’re doing.

After all, since your kids play with devices that have gyroscopes each day, ranging from their consoles to smartphones and tablets, why not introduce them to building a robot that has a gyroscope within instead? This is what the Gyrobot is all about, where the basic concepts of inertia and angular momentum can be learned, and with 7 different machines that the kit allows children to build, they are able to observe and experiment more evolved concepts from a first person perspective. Powered by a trio of AAA batteries, your kids would have a fun time building machines such as a gyroscopic robot, personal vehicle, gyro horizon, gyrocompass, balancing game, tightrope walker, and flight simulator.

Scribbler the Drawing Robot

by Edwin

scribbler-drawing-robotRobots are always something that are worth checking out, especially those super huge ones that can change their form factor depending on the situation. Who can forget the SDF-1 from Macross? That was one bad mother, and we have also our fair share of giants from Japan including the Transformers and Voltron. Here is something a little bit closer to home – the $26.29 Scribbler the Drawing Robot kit which allows you to build your very own robot without having to go to university beforehand and obtain an electrical engineering degree. With the Scribbler the Drawing Robot kit, you will be able to build, learn and play at the same time. After all, aren’t the most effective learning experiences the ones that you play?

All you need to do to set it up woud be to follow the downloadable instructions, and you will then have your Scribbler the Drawing Robot up and running in no time at all. The motor of this robot will shake, where it makes the device dance around on the markers so that it churns out some great looking abstract art which will most probably not go p in value after the robot breaks down and is recycled. Some assembly is required for this electronic and construction kit, and you will also need to get your own hot glue gun as well as glue before putting it all together. A solitary AA battery would allow the Scribbler the Drawing Robot to churn out the next robotic masterpiece.

Kano is all-ages computer and coding kit

by Caitlyn

Kano Computer Kit
While we live in an age where technology is ever-changing, many people are being left in the dust. Computers are bought without much insight as to what’s in them, and people are hoping that sales representatives are steering them in the right direction. Everyone is taught from the top down, and is expected to figure things out on their own. There are plenty of books, classes, and programs that can walk you through what makes everything tick, but they’re not really fun, and are usually targeted to a specific age bracket.
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