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Making your own or hacking gadgets can be great fun, hear we share the various DIY gadget projects that we’ve found or done.


WalabotDIY allows consumers to gain X-ray vision for home improvement projects

by Edwin - on August 22nd, 2016

Being able to see through walls, or right past a block of concrete is definitely something that many of us would love to have. After all, it would turn us into super sleuths, as we can figure out just where hidden compartments are in a crime scene, and of course, for the boys who have their raging hormones in check, they might use it to satisfy their lust. Not so with the $299 WalabotDIY, however, as it is a device that enables one to gain ‘Superman vision’, or X-ray vision, depending on how you would like to call it.

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The GlowForge 3D Laser Printer will let your creativity run wild

by Caitlyn


Are you the type of person who wants to surround yourself with works of art, and have reminders of creative endeavors everywhere? If you don’t already know how to make traditional pieces of art, it’s a pretty expensive endeavor and takes a long time to teach yourself (definitely try it though because it’s fun!). What if you could make whatever you wanted out of almost any kind of material or improve the visual quality of things that you already have with little more work than having an idea?

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Gear Gripz – don’t let something precious slip away from you

by Caitlyn

Gear Gripz

We live on our phones just as much as we live in the real world. In a flash we can talk to our family whether they’re two doors down or on the other side of the world. Not to mention we can work on our phone, play games, watch movies, keep up with the news, pay bills, and just about everything else you could imagine. Of course, some people don’t like to keep their several hundred dollar phone in a protective case.

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The Watch Repair Tool Kit – gotta spend money to save money

by Caitlyn

Watch Repair Tool Kit

When you really like a piece of jewelry, you take care of it so it keeps its shine. The same can be said of a watch, but there is more involved with keeping it in top order beyond buffing it up here and there. All of the internal parts and pieces need to be working exactly as they should, and the battery has to be providing the juice, so it’s your job to make sure the status quo is maintained.

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Pine64 appeals to DIY enthusiasts

by Edwin

pine64Kickstarter is definitely a hotbed of innovations, although one cannot deny that there will be some duds from time to time. As to what makes a particular project tick compared to the rest, this cannot be determined in a particularly empirical and scientific manner, but rather, it is more or less a case of the right timing. Having said that, if you have heard of the Raspberry Pi that has seen action in many a DIY project in the past, surely you would be stoked to know that here we are with something that is more powerful – the Pine64 single-board 64-bit supercomputer that has just launched on Kickstarter.

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DIY Gamer Kit might spark the Shigeru Miyamoto in you

by Edwin

diy-gamer-kitFor those of you who enjoy playing video games, have you ever gave thought to the kind of hard work and sweat that went into each project? Those great game programmers all had to start somewhere, as their interest in the market must have kicked off with perhaps a wild imagination, an encouraging mentor, some positive thinking, and a myriad of other factors. How about the youth of today who would want to kick off their gaming career, but do not quite know how to do it? Perhaps getting them this £64.99 DIY Gamer Kit is a good place to begin.

With the DIY Gamer Kit, you will be able to literally build your own games console – won’t that sound grand on your resume in the future? Of course, it does not stop there as well, since you can then take the next step by creating your very own video games and learning how to code your inventions, and all of these are made possible courtesy of extremely easy-to-use software. You can also enjoy the games you invent on the console you built, and aspiring programmers will definitely have a field day with it! Legendary games such as Breakout and Snake will arrive pre-installed to get you started.

tinyTesla Musical Tesla Coil Kit merges both science and art

by Edwin

tiny-teslaEver wish that you could make sparks fly in a laboratory experiment, since none of it is happening in your forever alone lifestyle? Well, that is now possible with the $229.99 tinyTesla Musical Tesla Coil Kit, which is surely costly at first for the outlay, but at least you will be able to be a proud owner of a brand new Tesla coil. How many people among your circle of friends can boast of having the same? Not likely, unless everyone else has the same interests as you.

After all, the Tesla coil is nothing short of fascinating, thanks to the signature purple discharge sparks as well as plasma streamers of ionized particles. Heck, just thinking about them should be able to send a tingle down your spine, don’t you think so? With the tinyTesla Musical Tesla Coil Kit, one will be able to learn more about alternating-current electricity in a literally hands-on manner which remains easily accessible and not intimidating. If you have the skills to perform basic soldering, then it is a snap to come up with your very own Tesla coil using this kit. Not only that, the specially designed interrupter lets you control the pressure waves generated by the Tesla coil via your Windows, Mac, or Linux laptop, allowing one to make MIDI music with the tinyTesla as long as it is connected to your computer via a USB cable, now how about that? Definitely a fun toy to own which has something to do with electricity, like the WiTricity.

Wallet Ninja Pro 26-in-1 Multi-Tool ups the ante from its predecessor

by Edwin

wallet-ninja-proWe have seen the Wallet Ninja last year, which proved to be quite the purchase to carry around if you so happen to want to be a MacGyver, saving damsels in distress wherever you are. If you felt that the Wallet Ninja itself was good, but not great, perhaps the slim and stealthy £9.99 Wallet Ninja Pro 26-in-1 Multi-Tool would be able to change your mind into picking one up!

The Wallet Ninja Pro 26-in-1 Multi-Tool, as its name suggests, is the first 100% flat 26-in-1 multi-tool in the whole wide world. I suppose you can say that this is a whole lot more impressive than arrows dipped in poison, as it is perfect for trade professionals such as carpenters, electricians and plumbers. Just like the ancient ninja, it will be stealthy, thanks to the relatively thin form factor, allowing you to slip it into pockets and wallets without missing a beat. Do take note, however, that it does not double up as a deadly shuriken, so there’s no point in throwing it around. The 26 devices would include a protractor, 4 hex head wrenches, 3 hex head indicators, 13 drill bit guides, nail puller, bottle opener, CM & inch ruler.

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