IDP-100 is Sony Ericsson’s First Digital Photo Frame

by Mark R

We’ve reported on several digital photo frames in the past, but this is the first time we covered one made by Sony Ericsson. This is only because the IDP-100 digital photo frame is the first one from the famed telecommunications company. The user can download all their images to the IDP-100 via Bluetooth, USB flash memory, as well as memory cards like M2 card, micro SD, SD or MS Duo. …

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The Ovo digital picture frame

by Ally

Finding ways to personalize your desk space is sometimes essential to your sanity.  Especially when the entire office looks bland and horribly sterile.  Well this little digital photo frame will keep your pictures flipping all day long.  Luckily it’s also fairly small, so although it is one more thing to clutter up your desk it won’t actually take up that much room.  The tiny little screen might make it difficult …

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Sony Vaio CP1 digital photo frame

by Edwin

Sony’s got its fingers dipped into the whole gamut of consumer electronics, and has just unveiled the wireless Vaio CP1 Wi-Fi photo frame that aims to make it a snap to share your favorite digital moments with family and friends, in addition to receiving news while streaming Internet radio in real time. This is clearly a step above other regular digital photo frames that does nothing but play a slideshow …

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LG DP889 Digital Picture Frame/DVD Player

by Mark R

It seems like every day that I am reporting on some new Digital Picture Frame of some kind, and I usually don’t have anything new to say about them. Most of them have some sort of SD Memory Card for quick picture uploads, or you can link it to your computer via USB to upload image, audio, and video files. Needless to say, the LG DP889 has all that, but …

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Folding Screen Video Walls baffle

by James

Daewoo has announced a video wall folding screen. The DID-FS, has four integrated LCD panels and could be cool in a digital frame sort of way where the user could place artwork for prettying up a bedroom space. The kind of screen that women use to change their clothes when someone else is in the room now has video monitors built in so that … what?

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Digital Fridge Photo Frame

by Edwin

You know how filling up a fridge’s front with your more memorable photos can be a fun thing to do? Well, that is now possible in a radically different manner with the Digital Fridge Photo Frame. DigiFrame the digital magnetic photo frame is a stylish accessory for your home. Display up to 66 of your favorite digital photographs on the magnetic picture frame – downloaded via USB – and stick …

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Kodak wireless digital photo frame

by Edwin

Kodak, a household name when it comes to photography, has just announced a brand new wireless digital photo frame line that will come in both 8″ and 10″ versions, capable of hooking up to photo-sharing sites such as KODAK Gallery and Flickr without the hassle of wires or the need for a computer to act as the middleman. Among the Kodak Easyshare wireless digital frame partners include Flickr, FrameChannel and …

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miBook Digital Instruction Booklet

by Mark R

Every once in a while, you need more help than just a step-by-step instruction booklet. No, you need to have something that literally shows you how to do something with video footage. This why people need something like the miBook. There really isn’t anything new about the design of this product, it is a simple PDA with a seven inch touchscreen. What is unique about the miBook is the way …

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