GiiNii 8-inch Multimedia Digital Picture Frame

by Mark R

GiiNii has unveiled some interesting products at last CES, and you can read here for our interesting encounter of breaking the Movit. It appears that GiiNii has forgiven us, as they offered me a review of their 8-inch Multimedia Digital Picture Frame. This Digital Picture Frame from GiiNii does not require a PC connection in order to work. To test this out, I inserted the SD memory card from my …

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Amex Digital SP-7

by Mark R

We have covered the Digital Picture Frames with a built-in printer before, such as the Keian Japan P71-A2-AP. It would appear that Amex Digital is getting on this digital frame/printer bandwagon with the SP-7. What makes the Amex Digital SP-7 different from other digital picture frames isn’t just the printer, but it is made of Acrylic/Wood. It also has a seven-inch 16:9 TFT color LCD display with 800 x 480 …

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Digi-Mug puts a Digital Picture Frame on a Coffee Mug

by Mark R

I think that we all know that technology is getting out of hand, and we have gadgets where we never thought gadgets should be. I mean, we have cameras on our cellular phones, for crying out loud! Another device that I’ve been seeing in places where I never thought it would be is the digital picture frame. Digital picture frames have been huge on the market, as practically every electronics …

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Digi-Mug reminds you of family

by Edwin

Just how many objects do you need in your office to remind you that you’re now a family man, and you have to do all in your power to hold down your job in these economically challenging times? Most of us bring photos of our families to the office and place it on a desk, but with the Digi-Mug, you’re able to avert your gaze away from the new secretary …

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The retro QTV Digital Photo Frame

by Ally

Digital picture frames have started to become just popular enough, that better styles are coming out.  I was definitely happy when they started selling them with frames that at least appeared to be wood.  The shiny black plastic never really blended well with my living room.  Well now Brando has created a slightly more quirky version of their own.  The frame comes in the form of a retro style TV …

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Parrot Puts its Best Foot Forward at CES

by Mark R

Parrot always puts out some decent products, so it was natural that they had them on display at CES Unveiled. I found two that are worth talking about, as they were designed by some primo designers. The first is a set of wireless speakers designed by Philippe Starck, or “S+ARCK”. These horn-shaped guys are designed for the iPod and iPhone, and can connect to a PC via Wi-Fi or by …

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Virus in your digital photo frame?

by Edwin

Don’t we all love receiving gifts and presents? After all, it makes us feel loved, and there is that indescribable feeling of tearing open the wrapping paper to discover what we’ve been hankering after all this while sitting there, right in front of us. Unfortunately in this day and age, there are some presents that we receive which could come with a pretty serious defect – imaging getting a new …

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iGala – Wi-Fi Touch Screen Digital Photo Frame

by Al

I reckon this is the coolest digital picture frame I’ve seen. It has all the usual things you’d expect from a digital frame, clock and alarm function, accepts multiple media card formats, MP3 player, etc. etc.. It is also Wi-Fi enabled so can pull pictures from GMail, Flicker or you can email them directly to the frame. You can use Windows Live to display News, Weather and traffic info and …

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