Hama Digital Photo Album

by Mark R

I don’t think that I could have sung higher praises of the Digital Foci Photo Book on my hands-on review, but that was before I saw that the Hama Photo Album is about to be released. I suddenly had a flashback to CES last January, when I stumbled across the booth with this fine product. The only reason why I remember it is because of its Braille dot logo on …

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Digital Foci Photo Book

by Mark R


I’ve reported on Digital Foci products before, and they are a company that does not disappoint when it comes to their digital photo frames. The Digital Foci Photo Book is no exception to that rule. The Photo Book PBK-080 harkens back to the days when people stored their photos in quality albums. It has a leather-like case that magnetically seals, and, once fully charged, the user is free to download …

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Toshiba releases new Digital Media Frames

by Edwin


Toshiba gets in the right frame of mind by releasing a bunch of new Digital Media Frames in order to take photo sharing to unprecedented heights, as these devices are able to deliver real-time information through its partnership with FrameChannel. Among such real-time information available at the user’s fingertips include personalized weather, traffic and sports scores alongside the capability of accessing both music and video to any room within the …

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Sondata Shake-A-Pix: A Shakable Digital Picture Frame

by Mark R


Finally, someone has come out with a digital picture frame that gives the user a little something different than the average settings. The Sondata Shake-A-Pix uses technology that is reminiscent of the Sansa Shaker. Instead of shaking the device to go to the next MP3, you shake the frame to see your latest memory. (Be sure to read that last sentence aloud, because it has a very cool rhyme.) According …

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Wharfedale Photo Frame with Cordless Phone for under £25

by Al


For the price this is a very sweet piece of kit. A standard cordless telephone (with base) and also a wireless digital picture frame which can be used as a speaker phone, very cool and very cheap. Handsfree speakerphone. 25 name and number memories for handset, 40 for photo frame. Last number redial for handset only. Outgoing call log handset 20, photo frame 30. Secrecy button. 10 ringtones at handset, …

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Kodak unveils Easyshare S730 digital photo frame

by Edwin


Eastman Kodak Company is an established name when it comes to all things photography, and they have certainly managed to keep up with the times where digital photography is concerned. Not only does Kodak offer digital cameras for budding shutterbugs, they are also in the digital photo frame business. Granted, it is pretty hard to differentiate one digital photo frame from the other these days in terms of features, but …

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Kodak’s new frame is Battery-powered

by Mark R


Today must be Kodak day, because I just covered the whole death of Kodachrome film. It must also be digital picture frame week, because I just covered one from Viewsonic yesterday. I’m sure the Kodak Easyshare S730 is not the first digital picture frame that runs on batteries, but battery power should be a standard feature for most electric frames. As it is, most digital picture frames are a slave …

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Viewsonic VFD820-12

by Mark R


Viewsonic has been putting out a lot of cool products lately, and one of their most recent is the VFD820-12, an 8-inch digital photo frame. I had a chance to try out this product for myself, and I didn’t find it any different than the GiiNii 8-inch Multimedia Digital Picture Frame that I currently have on my wall. The operation is very simple on both of these products: just insert …

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