Audiovox Homebase Message Center

by Ally

Instead of buying a normal digital picture frame, now you can pick up one that doubles as a message board.  This message center will show off all of your favorite photos and allow for you to leave messages in all different ways.  From leaving a post-it note to writing it down on the dry erase board and even recording your own voice.  Either way you’re sure to get the information …

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Cydle P29A accompanies you on your travels

by Edwin


Do you do plenty of traveling throughout the year? If the answer is in the affirmative, then you might want to consider getting the new Cydle P29A as your faithful mobile sidekick. Meant to kickstart the budding mobile TV revolution, the Cydle P29A will be introduced formally to public eyes at CES 2010 which is happening next week. Just in case you have not heard about Cydle, they are an …

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Insignia Dual Alarm Clock Radio with built-in photo display

by Ally


For an alarm clock to have a built-in radio is nowhere near something new.  It’s actually probably one of the most common combinations out there.  However, this clock radio takes things a step further and allows for you to personalize your alarm clock.  It has a photo display to make sure that you stay close to your family, even while you’re away traveling.

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The Snowflake Digital Photo Ornament

by Ally


There are various tiny digital photo frames that make it possible to keep your most treasured photos with you.  They’re small enough to make it easy to have a travel friendly frame while you’re away from home.  Since they are so small and lightweight these days, you might as well have a festive frame to go on your Christmas tree.

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Tao Digital Photo Keychains

by Edwin


I’m quite sure that most of you out there already have a veritable collection of keychains which have been amassed over the years – from conventions and events as well as cheapskate relatives who can’t think of anything better to buy whenever they go off on a holiday to a faraway place. The Tao Digital Photo Keychains are different, however, being £9.99 a pop (certainly not touristy in any way) …

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Intouch IT7150 wireless Internet frame

by Edwin


Giant International has rolled out its Intouch IT7150 wireless Internet frame which could very well be one of the more suitable gifts for folks this coming Christmas season, regardless of how young or old they are. What makes the Intouch IT7150 wireless Internet frame special compared to other digital photo frames? Well, you can tell from the name itself that it is not only capable of displaying a bunch of …

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Vizit digital photo frame

by Edwin


Isabella Products, Inc. and AT&T have teamed up to announce a brand new two-way, fully interactive digital photo frame in the industry which will be simply known as Vizit, where it will be running on the AT&T wireless network for all its connectivity needs. What is Vizit able to do? Well, for starters, it allows people to not only send but receive digital photos over the air while combining it …

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LCD Photo Frame and Alarm Clock combination

by Ally


Miniature LCD photo frames are nothing new, nor is a small portable alarm clock.  However, the combination of the two could make going away from home a little easier.  It’ll allow for you to have the comfort of using an alarm clock that you trust and keep pictures of your family with you.  Of course it won’t help make your hotel bed more comfortable, but at least it’s something.

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