Aurora colour clock – changes colour every hour.

by Paz

This is a cool looking gadget from Aurora. It’s a clock that changes colour every hour, on the hour, to help soothe those sleepless nights. In fact I could well imagine myself staying awake the whole night waiting for the next colour change! The attractive-looking translucent alarm clock comes with twelve different colours, each bringing a warm glow to the bedroom. The makers guarantee that at least one of the …

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Levitating Clocks

by Al

Floating Clock

Looks like our cool clocks section will fill up quite quickly with the second entry this week being a levitating clock from Think Geek. The levitating clock uses the force* to float an LCD clock inside a funny looking base. It also features an auto-rotate mechanism to spin objects clockwise, or counter-clockwise (as well as the clock you can buy an optional floating space shuttle). I think this is probably …

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Silent Alarm Clock

by Al

Bed Lighting

As we seem to get so many clocks here at CG we’ve now added a “Cool Clocks” section to the site and the first post to go in there looks nothing like a clock. The Light Sleeper is an alarm clock with a difference as it wakes you up with light not sound. So no more ear piecing beeps first thing in the morning.

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