Measuring Tape Timer

by Al

We’ve already had sticky measuring tape now we’ve found some timer measuring tape. Simply pull the tape out the distance you want to time and leave go. The tape will then retract in direct measurement of the time, when the time is up it goes ping with a ring. A simple and different way of timing your eggs in the morning. Available from Chiasso seen first on Widget Broker.

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Digital T-Shirt

by Al

LED Clock T-Shirt

If you’re sick of people asking you the time, broadcast it from your chest with the LED Clock T-Shirt. Not much else to say about this really, it takes 4 x AAA batteries (seems some what excessive) and err, well tells the time. The Digital Clock T-shirt found via uberreview.

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Hour Glass Clock

by Lexia

Hour Glass Clock

If you are like me, you’re always on the lookout for new and exciting timepieces to fill your small, yet perfectly appointed home. Here’s one of my recent favourites – the Hour Glass Clock. Unlike many modern clocks, the Hour Glass clock can comfortably double as a conversation point. What’s so interesting about this clock? Well, first off it’s got that legendary hour-glass figure – a modern twist on a …

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Waking Up with a Bump

by Al

Bump Bed Alarm

This is one uncomfortable looking alarm clock, instead of being woken from your slumber with sound or light this nasty Japanese gadget alarm contorts your spine.

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The graphical weather forecaster and clock.

by Paz

The graphical weather forecaster and clock.

This is another alarm clock and weather gadget; but with a little bit extra. Do you ever wake up in the morning not sure if you can face the day ahead? I mean those days when you could be swung either way by the weather, but don’t want to get out of bed to check the curtains. Well this graphical weather forecaster is just what you need.

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Aurora colour clock – changes colour every hour.

by Paz

Aurora colour clock.

This is a cool looking gadget from Aurora. It’s a clock that changes colour every hour, on the hour, to help soothe those sleepless nights. In fact I could well imagine myself staying awake the whole night waiting for the next colour change! The attractive-looking translucent alarm clock comes with twelve different colours, each bringing a warm glow to the bedroom. The makers guarantee that at least one of the …

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Levitating Clocks

by Al

Floating Clock

Looks like our cool clocks section will fill up quite quickly with the second entry this week being a levitating clock from Think Geek. The levitating clock uses the force* to float an LCD clock inside a funny looking base. It also features an auto-rotate mechanism to spin objects clockwise, or counter-clockwise (as well as the clock you can buy an optional floating space shuttle). I think this is probably …

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Silent Alarm Clock

by Al

Bed Lighting

As we seem to get so many clocks here at CG we’ve now added a “Cool Clocks” section to the site and the first post to go in there looks nothing like a clock. The Light Sleeper is an alarm clock with a difference as it wakes you up with light not sound. So no more ear piecing beeps first thing in the morning.

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