Mini Projection Clock

by Liam

This has to be one of the cooler gadgets I’ve come across simply because it’s just a neat (and almost useless) concept. The Mini Projection Clock is a tiny clock which can project the current time and date onto a flat surface such as a wall or table. I don’t know too many people who would find it very practical to shine the time on the nearest wall whenever they …

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Rev-Olution Alarm Clock

by Tiago

Rev-Olution Alarm Clock

The Rev-Olution Alarm Clock belongs in 4 categories: noisy, stressful, original and progressive, just like the other “wake up clock”. The noisy section is part of the whole car theme, I’m talking about the sound that comes of this alarm clock which is similar to an engine that goes into high speed and than disappears, it can get a bit annoying but it’s perfect to wake up. It’s original because …

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Bio-Clock – Tell the Time with Ketchup

by Al

Bio Clock

This is a cool educational gadget, the Bio-Clock. It’s a digital clock with infinite different power sources. The versatile Bio-Clock demonstrates how simple chemical reaction can create usable electricity. Add almost any household materials to its electrodes and this amazing clock has the power to run accurately and non-stop. Ketchup, toothpaste, lemons, even cola works well. Experiment with your own unexpected power sources! Easy to assemble; extra electrodes and instructions …

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Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm Clock: torture yourself every morning

by Mike

Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm Clock

You’ve got a problem. No matter what alarm clock you have, it will never wake you up. First of all, that’s pretty sad, I know some loud alarm clocks, but on to the solution, the Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm Clock. Don’t be fooled by its cute appearance, it’s a devil. Not only does it have a extra loud pulsating audio alarm that goes up to 113 db, it is adjustable …

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Progression Wake Up Clock

by Liam

Progression Wake Up Clock

If you find being jolted awake by that incredibly annoying buzzing from alarm clocks does nothing but irritate you, maybe a more peaceful way to wake up could be what you need. The Progression Wake Up Clock uses a few peaceful techniques to gradually wake you up and get a better, more relaxed start to your day. It works like a standard alarm clock with a digital read out, allowing …

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Mirror Block Clock

by Al

Block lock

If you thought the wood block clock was cool but find wood is not modern enough to your liking then this may be more to your taste, the Mirror Block LED clock. It uses the same technology and offers the same features (time and programmable messages) as the Wall Mirror Clock we reported on but this one just has that extra cool factor IMO. It’s currently only available as a …

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Equaliser watch gadget

by Paz

Equaliser Freq.2 watch

Tokyo Flash definitely make the coolest watch displays. This display is a variation on the equaliser effect, but this new model features a novel 3D look.

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Timesphere clock

by Paz

Timesphere clock by Gideon Dagan

I know there are too many clock gadgets on the market already, but this one’s pretty unique. There’s no pointer, just a gravity-defying red ball that presumably is magnetic and follows a magnetised rotor underneath the dial.

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