Arcam Solo Movie (or, the £2000 alarm clock!)

by Marc

The AV world is moving fast and sometimes it’s hard for companies to keep up; different audio and video formats make the player you bought last year look dated today. And if you’re taking your home cinema seriously you also need a mighty amplifier the size of a microwave oven to power all those speakers. Or do you…?

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Tell the time and predict the weather simultaneously

by Edwin


Somehow or other, people are drawn to activities that require some level of prediction such as betting (I personally predicted a 2-1 win over the Italians by the French at this summer’s World Cup but was sorely wrong) and weather reports. Nearly everyone relies on the weather reporter as they plan out the next day’s activities such as leaving the clothes out to dry before heading off to work or …

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Keep kids safe with OnGuard Safety Alert System

by Edwin


Most of us often detest the amount of control our parents exert over our lives during our younger days, as their lectures are more often than not littered with “do nots” rather than “go ahead”. We think that they are old-fashioned and do not understand why a young person requires the amount of freedom to hang out with one’s friends until the wee hours of the morning. Thankfully, karma has …

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Memento Mori reminds you of the Grim Reaper

by Edwin


We might give the Grim Reaper a passing thought throughout our fleeting lives, but often when our time is up, we are not prepared to leave this world. Instead of having listen to constant fire and brimstone messages, why not carry a timepiece that reminds you of your impending doom? The Memento Mori Death Watch was created in 1810 and makes for the perfect timepiece to remind you of how …

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Verilux Rise & Shine Natural Alarm Clock

by Tiago

Verilux Rise and Shine Natural Alarm Clock

We already covered a great amount of alarm clocks with the most special ones being the Grenade and the Flying alarms, these two really make you get out of bed in order to turn the alarm off so you can start the 10 minute siesta before bath/breakfast. Another honorable mention goes to the Rev-Olution alarm that fits the car fanatics style and I’m sure they love it. But… enough talking …

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Watch spread comes with Bluetooth

by Edwin


It seems that as more and more people are affluent enough to purchase cellphones, they tend to shun picking up a watch as the cellphone already comes with a built-in clock that tells the time equally well. The only drawback would be the hassle of dragging the handset out of the pocket each time you want to see how many minutes are there left before you head home from work …

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Crazy Blender Alarm Clock

by Edwin


We’re sure that faithful readers of Coolest Gadgets have seen their fair share of wacky alarm clocks, but has anyone actually seen something as interesting as this? The aptly named Crazy Blender Alarm Clock is unlike any of its slumber-killing ancestors, rousing you from your dreams of being in the Bahamas, sipping on a Pina Colada while lounging in your dream yacht in the most unruly and uncivilized manner possible. …

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The Bedside Phone Center

by Mike

The Bedside Phone Center

For some people, space is a premium, or maybe they just hate to clutter up their houses with different gadgets for everything they own. The Bedside Phone Center combines a lot of gadgets into one. It even has a dock for your iPod.

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