Novel Alarm Clock

by Al

This may look like a pretty ordinary bedside alarm clock but it does have one pretty unique feature. See that metallic sphere on the top, it’s not just there for decoration that ball is actually the radio station selector! You program the stations as you would with a conventional radio but to switch stations instead of pressing a button you roll the ball into one of the nine indentations at …

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Livin’ the pimpin’ lifestyle, yo!

by Edwin


So you think your $500 silk shirt looks spiffy on your Versace jeans and Hugo Boss shoes, but that look just ain’t complete without a watch that makes you outpimp even the high rollers at Vegas. Touted to be the first high quality LED watch in the world that makes use of 72 LED lights to tell the time, the Pimp Ain’t Easy LED watch from PIMP comes in a …

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Casio unveils new GPS watch

by Edwin


Casio has taken the step to introduce yet another GPS watch with the GPR-100 which is a radical departure from the very first GPS watch they released some time ago. The new GPR-100 is actually the smallest GPS watch available in the market currently, measuring a diminutive 63.1mm x 49.5mm x 17.1mm. Since it also looks the part of a watch, airport security won’t be hankering after you as a …

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Mini Car Cuckoo Clock

by Edwin


Everyone has fond memories of the Cuckoo Clock, with its trademark chirps making a ruckus every hour that you either have a love or hate relationship with. Thanks to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of modern man, we now have a car (yes, those things with four wheels and drink more gasoline that it really should) to replace our avian friend in the form of the Mini Car Cuckoo Clock courtesy …

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AmberWatch wails to protect kids

by Edwin


As any parent can attest to, bringing a child around a shopping complex can be quite a harrying experience, as one has to be extra alert to keep track of the child while wheeling a cart full of groceries and competing with other shoppers for the best buy items that are on sale. In addition to that depressing scenario, statistics show that in 2006 alone, approximately 1.3 million American children …

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WidgetStation, a true desktop companion

by Edwin


Having an alarm clock by your bedside is so passe, and times have certainly changed to give you many more options. One of such options include the WidgetStation, a gadget that has been picked to participate in the CES award roll by winning the Design & Engineering Showcase Honors 2007. Other than the fact that it would look extremely nice in any bedroom, what exactly does the WidgetStation do, you …

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Alarm Clock that takes to the air

by Edwin


We all know how getting out of bed can be a chore for the less driven personality (that makes up the most of us), and more often than not we view alarm clocks as irritating devices that blare their blasted tune incessantly until we have to physically shut them up. The Flying Alarm Clock has certainly proven it’s mettle as a formidable device that is more than capable of waking …

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The OV-Watch Fertility Predictor

by Al

Fertility Watch

Watches that just tell the time are so boring, so what extra functionality can you add to your wrist watch to make it that much more useful. You guessed it, a fertility meter. The OV-Watch is a medical device worn on the wrist just like a watch and it tracks fertility with much higher accuracy than traditional methods. Many couples don’t realize that a woman’s window of fertility actually opens …

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