Retro Style Blender Alarm Clock

by Al

If you’ve ever dreamed of being woken up by a 60’s style blender (haven’t we all) then this is the alarm clock of choice. When it’s time to wake up not only do the styrofoam beads start a blending but they are accompanied by some inanely cheerful but annoying music, lovely. This crazy clock is available at Bim Bam Banana for $41.00.

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Bulls**t Detector Watch a hoot

by Edwin


Are you in the company of tight lipped people who cannot tell the difference between a joke and prime time news? Perhaps they need something to jolt them back into the world of toilet humor, giving their facial muscles a much needed smile after frowning for too long a time. The Universal Bulls**t Detector Watch could be just the funny tonic required, featuring all the usual trappings of a wristwatch …

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Camera Clock that Broadcasts Over Your Power Lines

by Al

LukWerks Spy Camera

This is one of the coolest spy cameras I’ve come across. It’s disguised as a clock (nothing too revolutionary there) but what is really cool is how it broadcasts the video. The LukWerks Spy Camera uses the powerlines that it’s plugged into to send the video to the receiver which in turn is connected to your PC. So you simply plug the clock into a socket in the room you …

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Animated Weather Forecaster comes with entertaining slant

by Edwin


How many of you actually own some kind of home weather station at home? Most of the time, these personal weather stations offer nothing more than a myriad of readings that range from barometric pressure to the level where the mercury is at. The Animated Weather Forecaster is slightly different from the rest of the offerings as it comes with a miniature weatherman inside. This digitized avatar actually looks more …

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Dart Board Clock

by Al

Dart Board Clock

This is a cool clock for the dart enthusiast, the Dartboard Wall Clock. Just don’t throw any real arrows at it. Available from Drink Stuff for £14.99.

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Rotating Earth Watch

by Al

Rotating Earth Watch

The Seiko Earth watch is a cool looking time piece, instead of having boring old hands it contains a small rotating 3D Earth and just like the real Earth it does a full rotation over the space of 24 hours. The watch itself is made out of light weight titanium (which may be reflected in the price) and to tell the time there is a small time zone indicator for …

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Puzzle Alarm Clock uses devilish method

by Edwin


Looks like Coolest Gadgets is going on an alarm clock spree, with the Motivational MP3 Alarm Clock mentioned earlier followed by this Puzzle Alarm Clock that comes with the manufacturer’s guarantee of waking you up. If pouring cold water on your face or sprinkling frozen marbles all over you bed still fails to get you out of bed, perhaps the Puzzle Alarm Clock will be able to help. When the …

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The Analog Digital Watch

by Al

Philippe Watch

This is one minimalistic looking watch, the Dish Digital by Fossil. Instead of having moving hands like regular analogue watches or LCD numbers like their digital equivalents it uses the LCD to display the hands with no numbers in sight, weird. You can have your own for $95 from Amazon, found first on Product Dose.

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