Aliens Landed in the UK (Watch!)

by Al

Android have been producing Alien watches for a while now but they’ve recently made it over to UK shores. If you’re wondering where you’ve seen the watch before (and don’t live in the US) it was worn by Christian Bale in the quality film Equilibrium back in 2002 (the watch is probably more memorable than the film). The bug eyed looking watch is available from Quality Time Watches .CO.UK and …

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Home Theater Watch: Watch Movies on your Wrist

by Nick

Home Theater Watch

This is not your regular wrist watch. The Home Theater Watch was designed to give you the experience of a home theatre with the functionality of a watch. With it you can tell time and watch that movie from the Oscars or that latest Heroes episode anywhere. The screen is only 1.5”, but that’s not so bad, after all this is a watch we’re talking about, and according to Gadget …

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Plasma Clock

by Al

Plasma Clock

This is what you get when you combine a light bulb, plasma and a clock, the bright idea plasma clock. Marketing spiel follows: The Bright Idea Plasma Clock™ adds a beautiful soft glow to any room, hallway or shelf while keeping perfect time. With a removable base and built-in mounting slots, it’s almost like having two clocks in one! Placed inside the display base, the clock is a dramatic lighted …

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This Clock Could Help with your Email Obsession

by Nick

Email Clock

If you are one of those persons that keep constantly checking your email at all times of the day, wasting your time and patience, I’m sure you’ll find this Email Clock concept to be very helpful. The clock was designed by Tom Igoe, a teacher and researcher at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University that suffers from the same email checking obsession.

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Sonic Bomb Clock jolts you from slumber

by Edwin


Getting to bed is one thing, but closing your eyes is another. While a large segment of the population grapple with their inability to get some slumber, there are those who walk among us who cannot seem to wake up when the morning sun rises. This select group have probably tried a whole range of remedies, ranging from asking someone to slip cold, frozen marbles onto the mattress in the …

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Islamic Gadgets

by Paz

Quranic watch

I know personally that many Muslims are feeling under siege, both mentally and physically, and believe they are getting a bad press. Relations between our two cultures seem to be deteriorating, so I hope I’m not trivialising events when I discuss this Quranic clock gadget: I’m trying to clear up a few myths and find some common ground.

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Simple 24 Time Zone Barrel Clock

by Al

World Time Clock

Simple but effective. This world time clock has 12 sides so to see what the time is in different countries or cities simply roll the clock so that the city you’re interested in is at the top. Available from MoMA store for $74, found via New Launches.

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The Wave Clock

by Al

The Wave Clock

I’m quite a fan of cool clocks, for me a clock can only be cool if it: Looks nothing like a clock (the grim reaper clock or the time cube) Has some quirky or annoying feature (like the puzzle alarm clock or the novelty ball thing) Or it’s just plain old strange (we’ve reported on too many of those to mention) This next clock to grace our pages is the …

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