Buddha Clock tells time serenely

by Edwin

Everybody needs to have a sense of time, if not they will probably run mad after a while. Time is what keeps us ticking, looking forward to the next paycheck, counting down the days before the weekend arrives, anticipating the date of birth of your first (or even 20th, it doesn’t matter) child, and even planning out your big day. Let’s face the fact – without time, the entire world …

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iHome2Go iPod Alarm Clock

by Tiago

iHome2Go Folding iPod Alarm Clock

While traveling in business or pleasure there is always the need for an alarm clock, be it for early meetings or for that afternoon party on the hotel pool that you can’t miss, it all depends on the scenario but one thing is for sure – you need to wake up in a happy mood or else the first hours of the day will be a disaster. One of the …

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The evil Banclock

by Mike

The evil Banclock

One day, when I have the ridiculously large disposable income (it’s getting there. . . :)), I’m going to start my own wacky clock collection. We’ve already got plenty of them at CG, so I guess I might as well add one more. Besides, the more the merrier in my collection. I like the Banclock because of how ridiculously evil it is. It won’t shut up until you give it …

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Auto Setting Analogue Watch

by Al

Radio controlled Exact time without resetting

I’ve got an alarm clock that automatically sets itself to the correct time via some form of radio control. This is the first time I’ve seen the same technology in a watch and an analogue watch to boot. The AW200 Braun watch looks like a regular 2 handed watch but instead of having to fiddle with a little knob to change the time it will do it for you. Information …

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UE Technologies’ Television Remote-Control Watch Review

by Al

remote watch

Now it’s time for contest entry #10 courtesy of Kyle, the UE Technologies’ Television Remote-Control Watch Review. Back in days of yore, one must venture across thy humble living room – only to fetch the magic brick which commands your hillbilly miracle box. Universal Electronics provided the solution to this growing crisis, and engineered a television remote small enough to fit in your watch. While this concept isn’t entirely new, …

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Digital Hour Glass Watch

by Al

Digital Hour Glass Watch

This is a cool looking idea, the sand + time watch, an egg timer for your wrist. The watch would function in two ways, the first as a conventional watch displaying the time (hours at the top, minutes at the bottom) but in the more interesting other mode the display will take on the form of an old fashioned egg timer and display the sand falling from the top screen …

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Shocking Alarm Clock

by Al

Shocking Clock

What is it about electric shock gadgets, we seem to be inundated with them of late. We’ve had shocking operation, the shocking knuckle dusters, the shocking jackets and shocking tanks (okay not so recent but very cool). Now we have the shocking alarm clock. This alarm clock is just plain nasty, not only does it wake you up in the morning but to turn it off you’ve got to be …

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Constantly remind yourself of, well, everything

by Mike

Watchminder 2

It’s understandable that people forget things, I mean, we tend to do a lot of forgettable things throughout the day. But still, if you need a special watch that will constantly remind you of what to do, then you have some sort of memory issues. Although, it would be kind of nice to just be told what to do and when to do it. It would take all of the …

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