The Time Machine

by Andi

If you didn’t get your hands on the pong clock and really want an amazing time-telling machine that also brings back memories from the good ol’ times, here’s something that’s even cooler: the Time Machine! We haven’t been able to find a cool clock that has some real mechanic action since the Wave Clock. This one takes the concept of marbles showing time even further, with an even cooler result: …

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The Nixie Tube Clock

by Andi

Nixie Clock

Nixie tubes are among the coolest retro electronics ever. Clocks based on them have been made by enthusiasts and by different companies, but this one’s the king. Sleek, well-made and precise. Let’s start with what we see: the materials and lamps. There’s no plastic, the casing is made out of massive cherry wood and a plate of beautifully-reflective anodized aluminium, and the tubes are amongst the clearest and best-looking ever. …

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Solid Analogue Watch

by Al

Silan Watch

This is an interesting looking watch, it looks like a solid lump of metal complete with sculpted hands, yet still manages to keep near perfect time. The watch works by rotating the discs in its face, so you have the solid disc in the middle rotating to show the hour and the disc on the outside displays the minutes. As minimalistic designs go I really like this, though whether I …

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Alarm clock for gents

by Edwin


Everyone knows that the English have the stiff upper lip and barely show any emotions, which is why the process of waking up also requires an air of dignity as evidenced by the Voco Alarm Clock. What sets this alarm clock apart from all other offerings available on the market today is its ability to coax you out of bed in a gentlemanly manner. Yes sir, sleepyheads no longer need …

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Voice Controlled Alarm Clock

by Al

The Voice Interactive Alarm Clock.

I’m not sure about the practicalities of this but it still sounds really really cool, the Voice Interactive Alarm Clock, when you want to snooze just say so. The Voice Interactive Alarm Clock understands the following verbal commands (though whether it could understand my accent I seriously doubt (current girlfriend thought I was called Owen for the first few weeks)), “What time is it,” “Play Memo,” “Night Light,”, “Any Alarms” …

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SnuzNLuz– more evil than the Banclock

by Mike


I didn’t think you could get much worse than the Banclock. Apparently, I was dead wrong. You see, there’s a new breed of evil alarm clock in town called the SnuzNLuz. It’s billed as a Wifi donation alarm clock and is connected directly to your bank account. Now, put two and two together. Then cower in fear.

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Buddha Clock tells time serenely

by Edwin


Everybody needs to have a sense of time, if not they will probably run mad after a while. Time is what keeps us ticking, looking forward to the next paycheck, counting down the days before the weekend arrives, anticipating the date of birth of your first (or even 20th, it doesn’t matter) child, and even planning out your big day. Let’s face the fact – without time, the entire world …

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iHome2Go iPod Alarm Clock

by Tiago

iHome2Go Folding iPod Alarm Clock

While traveling in business or pleasure there is always the need for an alarm clock, be it for early meetings or for that afternoon party on the hotel pool that you can’t miss, it all depends on the scenario but one thing is for sure – you need to wake up in a happy mood or else the first hours of the day will be a disaster. One of the …

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