Shining Cuckoo Clock

by Al

If this comes into production it will be the ultimate in cult clocks. Based on that immortal scene from “The Shining”, every hour you’ll be greeted by Jacks head coming through the door uttering “Here’s Johnny” Designed by Chris Dimino, there’s no signs of licensing or production unfortunately.

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The ultimate in personal clocks

by Al

I got clocks

Most of the cool clocks that we write about are hi-tech or plain old quirky, this next clock is more of the personal nature, the I got clocked clock. At first glance the “I got clocked” looks like a plain old analogue clock with a personal photo as a background. However that wouldn’t make it a cool gadget, what does is the fact that the clocks arms are those of …

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Epoq strike again: the first truly wearable PMP watch

by Andi


After their super-small MP4-capable PMP, Epoq seem to have decided to go further and bring video goodness to your wrist. But the video-playing capabilities are just a tiny part of what it has to offer… First of all, think about how the other wrist-PMP-s look like: hunks of plastic with a rubber band and a TFT display. Now, let’s analyze the looks of this: a leather band, a thin metal …

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Wacky Car Wheel Alarm Clock

by Edwin


Clocks are everyday devices that we rely on to keep our lives going at a predictable pace. 6am often signals the wake up time for many as they get ready to meet the grueling challenges of the day ahead (unless it’s a weekend, of course). This means having an alarm clock of some sort in your bedroom is vital, but why settle for something that looks so ordinary when you …

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The tubular twisting clock

by Al

Tubular clock

This cool timepiece is quite literally a clock with a twist. Instead of having mundane hands that rotate to tell the time the numbers twist to indicate the hours and minutes. As an added bit of clock quirkiness the numbers are the actual words, so instead of seeing the boring time of 4.05 it would read the more humanly “five minutes past four”. You can get the tubular time word …

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Another cryptic watch from Tokyoflash: the Shinshoku

by Andi

Animated LED Clock

We all know the watches from TokyoFlash. Weird, geeky, some even stylish. Most of them are LED-watches, meaning that you have to press a button if you want to see the time, but that time can be shown in pretty impressive (in a geeky way of course) way. The Shinshoku (Corrosion) is the newest watch they’ve released. It’s aiming for an industrial look; in fact, it’s basically a bracelet made …

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The butler alarm clock

by Al

Voco Clock

If you’ve ever had pretentious fantasies of your very own butler waking you up each morning your dreams are about to be realised without the need of a billionaire bank balance. The Voco clock may look like a regular clock for the mantle piece, but it’s actually a speaking alarm with the annoying posh voice of Stephen Fry. When it’s time to awaken from your slumber you can get your …

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The wearable slot machine, by Girard-Perregaux

by Andi

Slot Watch

The Haute Horologerie exhibition (SIHH) started in Geneva this week. One of the catchiest watches on this show is the the Girard-Perregaux 1945 Jackpot Tourbillion Watch: a massive, classy watch made of 18K pink gold featuring a really fine piece of craftsmanship: a fully-working slot machine, modelled after the first ever slot machine, the Liberty Bell. It even includes the specific chimes of such a machine.

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