Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock

by Carolyn

I’m a person who can not get up for work in the morning without an alarm clock. It is impossible for me to get to work on time without one. (The people who get up without one should be checked for cyberneticts.) Even though I need an alarm clock, that doesn’t mean I can’t geek out with my choice of alarm clock. ThinkGeek has the Executive Neverlate Alarm Clock. This …

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Tower Clock: another version of the gear clock

by Andi


Gear clocks, where the dial rotates on a little cog and shows the hour, are a pretty interesting design, and still rare and original. We’ve reported on one before, but that was not exactly a stylish time piece, but rather a big ring made of plastic. This one comes as a small (17 cm tall) desk clock, with a turning square dial. This time design seems to be more of …

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Discovery Space Projection Alarm Clock

by Edwin


Most alarm clocks are just that – ordinary looking timepieces that blend in with the rest of your home and do not leave any lasting impression on anyone who drops by. The Discovery Space Projection Alarm Clock is different though, as it offers a fun, futuristic and scientifically stimulating method to tell the time. In short, it projects both time and space images on a ceiling or wall. Choose from …

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The URWERK 201 series: exclusive, cutting-edge

by Andi

Urwerk 201 Series Platinum

About a week ago I found out about a new series of watches from the relative new-comer in the Haute-Horlogerie scene, Urwerk. Their watches feature a one-of-a-kind complication, comprised of revolving satellites. What this means is that the minute hands operate through revolving satellites that display the current hour. The watches are manufactured in extremely limited editions, and the prices reflect this. The 201 series have a special look, related …

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Citizen unveils earthquake warning concept watch

by Edwin


Japan is a country that is extremely prone to earthquakes, so it is no wonder that Citizen of Japan recently paraded its innovative earthquake warning concept watch at the CEATEC Japan 2007 event. It was developed in part with Rhythm Watch, bringing together an Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) receiver and an analog watch. This Seismic watch works like any other timepiece that you purchase from a store, but upon receiving …

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Kyokusen watch from Tokyoflash

by Edwin


Tokyoflash is famous for their line of unorthodox watches, and the Kyosuken watch is the latest in a long line of them. Meaning “curved line” in Japanese, this watch comes in two flavors – a black leather strap with green or blue LEDs, or a speckled silver leather strap with multi-colored LEDs. The L-shaped curve tells the hours, while smaller circles indicate the minutes. According to Tokyoflash, they have also …

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Mr. Clock Radio

by Edwin


The Mr. Clock Radio looks like a creation from some science fiction movie, holding the distinction of being the first robot radio in the world. It does not come with any body, but is more of a technological bust featuring a head and a clock as its base. Getting you up is not restricted to a mere buzz – Mr. Clock Radio will be able to whisper in a gentle …

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Motorcycle Wall Clock revs up your living room

by Edwin


Adorning your new home can be pretty tricky as you try to tie in all the pieces of furniture together, and the Motorcycle Wall Clock is one of them that could blend in with virtually any kind of setting. Motorcycle Wall Clock roars down the pike with authentic sounds every hour on the hour! Detailed replica of a real, mean, racing machine is a conversation piece and one cool way …

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