Cobalt updates Pocket Watches for the new Millennium

by Mark R

I wish that I could remember the era when all the fancy rich guys had pocketwatches. Of course, pocket watches were soon replaced by fancy wristwatches, and then those became less fancy as everyone bought one. Now, most people don’t have watches anymore, because their cell phone has the time. I suppose that it is only obvious that some tech designer came up with the Cobalt, a pocket watch with …

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USB Rota-Triangle Hub With Clock

by Edwin

Now isn’t this one of the more unique alarm clocks you have laid your eyes upon? Sure, it won’t be able to just fly off when it rings or roll off the table to hide under your bed, but at least it offers what other alarm clocks can’t – an additional four USB 2.0 ports to further increase your connectivity on your desk. Guess this means you’d best place this …

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The Alarm Clock Blanket

by AndrewD

It’s a fact. Some people are just not meant to be awake in the early hours of the morning. We’re not exactly sure if this has been proven by science yet, but our own morning troubles are enough to prove to us that some of us are just not early birds. Even if we aren’t early birds there are certain times when we have to get our butts out of …

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80’s Cube Clock

by Edwin


If you happen to still be in love in the 80s, then the 80’s Cube Clock is just the cup of tea for you. Forget about all the other pesky alarm clocks that take all sorts of routes to wake you up from your slumber – this one does it the old fashioned way by ringing away like any good traditional alarm clock would without flying away or running scared …

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Wrist Tracker

by Edwin


Look what I’ve fished out from our CG forums – a Cell Phone + GPS tracker + GPS datalogger + watch. I don’t even know what to call it in the first place, but apparently it prefers to be known as the Wrist Tracker. This multi-functional device features integrated GPS and GSM modules complete with a high performance antenna. You will be able to configure its system settings through SMS …

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TokyoFlash Oberon SS Watch

by Edwin


TokyoFlash has just rolled out its new watch, the Oberon SS. This thing not only tells the time, but it does so in style by using a series of concentric bright blue LED rings. The outer ring will let you know what the current hour is, while the middle one indicates the single minutes and the innermost ring displays tens of minutes. When the watch is in its off state …

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Casio Baby G line gets new addition

by Edwin


Casio’s Baby G line has been around for donkey years now, and it looks set to stay for a long time moroe. There is a new release in this ladies’ range, and they are part of the BG-2000/2001 series which are not only meant to be easy to use but fashionable and funky at the same time. While it will fall short in terms of specifications compared to its G …

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Puzzle Alarm Clock

by Edwin


I think the Puzzle Alarm Clock will be pretty frustrating to get used to in the beginning, as you will need to have an alert brain before you can turn the darn thing off. Featuring a 3-piece jigsaw puzzle, you must assemble it correctly – sounds easy? Apparently not. When the alarm rings, this devil of an alarm clock will shoot out all three pieces, so you’ll need to actually …

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