The Landmark Clock

by AndrewD

If you work in an industry which calls for keeping tabs on people in time zones other than your own local time, or maybe you just have friends who live around the world, it’s not always easy to keep tabs on each and every person. There have been various methods and applications which were made to keep track of multiple timezones on one gadget, but never one as visually appealing …

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The Nooka watch – yet another confusing watch to read

by Ally

Here is yet another watch to make your head hurt, only this one isn’t just a concept design. After you’ve finished causing your brain to hurt from trying to figure it out, you can run off and purchase one. The watch actually isn’t as bad as some I’ve seen, but it definitely doesn’t show time in the classic way. It features four different bars, the top two bars are hours …

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Test Tube Digital Clock

by Edwin

While the product name is of the above, I think it is more of a nixie digital clock – perhaps something got lost in the translation somewhere? Anyways, the entire row of red LEDs are embedded within each “test tube”, all hooked up to a wooden stand to make this an interesting conversation starter. Not only are the hours and minutes displayed – even the seconds are also up for …

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The Car Projector Clock for those that are clock deprived

by Ally

You have to love those gadgets that make you pause and really wonder.  Mostly about how many people actually purchase it.  This one is definitely one I had to stop and think for a bit as to why on earth it’s actually necessary.  Really, cars come equipped with clocks, that’s a pretty standard thing.  However, I did have at one point an old Ford that you had to look at …

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Voice Interactive Alarm Clock

by Edwin

Forget about throwing your alarm clock or smashing it to keep it quiet when it rings – the new Voice Interactive Alarm Clock ought to add another novelty item to your bedroom. This unique alarm clock uses advanced speech recognition technology that lets you easily set the time and alarm via voice commands and responds to queries such as What time is it with vocalized answers. The unit recognizes 10 …

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The Ora Unica watch seems way too frustrating

by Ally

With everyone constantly having gadgets at hand that all tell the time, mainly cellphones, it seems a bit ridiculous to wear a watch anymore.  That is unless you feel the need to make a fashion statement that says you’re so smart you can read a watch that is nothing more than scribbles.  I actually had to minimize the window with the photo of the watch because I felt hypnotized by …

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Cobalt updates Pocket Watches for the new Millennium

by Mark R

I wish that I could remember the era when all the fancy rich guys had pocketwatches. Of course, pocket watches were soon replaced by fancy wristwatches, and then those became less fancy as everyone bought one. Now, most people don’t have watches anymore, because their cell phone has the time. I suppose that it is only obvious that some tech designer came up with the Cobalt, a pocket watch with …

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USB Rota-Triangle Hub With Clock

by Edwin

Now isn’t this one of the more unique alarm clocks you have laid your eyes upon? Sure, it won’t be able to just fly off when it rings or roll off the table to hide under your bed, but at least it offers what other alarm clocks can’t – an additional four USB 2.0 ports to further increase your connectivity on your desk. Guess this means you’d best place this …

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