Wesco’s R2D2 Projector Alarm Clock

by Ally

Alright, no matter what anyone says, there is never too much Star Wars stuff, especially when it comes to R2D2 gadgets.  Well here is one more and for once it’s not some luxury item that you could never afford.  This one is a projector alarm clock, so hopefully you have a blank wall somewhere.  It’s be a bit difficult to read on a wallpapered wall or one cluttered with photographs …

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Bedol Eco-Friendly Clock

by Edwin

The Bedol Water-Powered Clock offers a new way to power your clock without resulting in even more waste to pollute the environment. It also prides itself in being the first device from the company to fall under the “Green” product line. The Bedol Water-Powered Clock, with its stylish circular design and bright attractive colors, makes it a fun, versatile and environmentally friendly product for everyday use. A dash of salt …

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Clock Delay: A Gadget Born For Blame

by AndrewD

It’s hard to lie your way out of being late with all of the clocks we have in our lives. Our cellphones, our watches, all of the novelty clocks we’ve collected over the years which litter our homes. Our bosses just don’t buy that excuse anymore. But here’s an idea. Ditch every other clock you have. The cellphone withdrawal will be hell, but if you need an excuse, we’ve got …

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Stonehenge Rocks Around the Clock

by Mark R

Some time in the future, we will discover an ancient yet technological race of druids who will have their own version of Stonehenge. Instead of a series of stones gathered in a circle as a calendar, this strange futuristic race of druids will have a robotic arm that will rearrange a set of numbered cards to indicate the current time. The future is now. A clever designer who my source …

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Steampunk Industrial Cuff Watch hits eBay

by Ally

With the Steampunk trend still going strong, many are still creating lots of fun things for us to drool over.  This new one has found it’s way onto eBay.  The watch was of course handmade and comes complete with brass hardware as well as little vintage clock parts and gears.  For the watch itself he used a vintage quartz Giani-Giorgio watch.

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The Amazing Brando now selling a USB Alarm Clock Fan

by Ally

Alright, those of you that actually saw the Mystery Science 3000 reference, you get a sticker.  Granted, you have to go buy it yourself as well as pay for it.  This clock may appear to be just a perfectly innocent clock, one that seems to just sit there and tell the time.  Just like every other clock on the universe.  However, plug it in to your USB port and after …

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Multi-Color LED Watch to match your mood swings

by AndrewD

Who knows what you might think of as cool tomorrow? The only thing you can really know is what you like today. But our moods change like the wind. The human emotional spectrum is wide and varied. A blue watch from yesterday might seem like a bad idea for today. Our fashion sense can change just as quick as our moods. The Ohsen Multi-Color LED Watch tries to compensate for …

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Shape Up! Wakes You Up, Works The Biceps

by AndrewD

How many times have you promised yourself that you were going to change your life? You what I’m talking about. Your swore to yourself you’d start waking up earlier, get some more exercise. And maybe for a week or so it was working just fine. But then what happens? You fall back into the same old habits. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re human. Without a strict ingrained regimen …

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