The Room Tech Beingz Alarm Clock

by Ally

Alarm clocks are probably the most obnoxious of gadgets, even if it is one of the most important.  I typically just use my phone as an alarm clock, however, I’ve regretted that on several occasions.  Usually when my Mother decides because she’s awake everyone else should be too and decides to call me a good 2 hours before I actually need to wake up.  Which is why a smart person …

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Chococlock gives a treat each hour

by Edwin

The Chococlock will definitely be a firm favorite with chocolate lovers, as it functions just like how a cuckoo clock does, opening up its doors to serve up a piece of chocolate each hour. This stylish retro-modern timepiece is a bit like a cuckoo clock but when its shutters open, on the hour every hour, it delivers a scrumptious chocolate treat to the tune of the ‘Dance of the Sugar …

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Chococlock dispenses chocolate every hour

by Ally

If you have a serious love for chocolate and need a way to make the time pass a bit faster while you’re stuck in this office, you might pick up one of these.  Every single hour it will present a chocolaty treat  to you and you have to snatch it off of the tray before it closes back up again.  Which means you’ll have to watch the clock a bit …

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Romain Jerome watch made from bits of the Titanic

by Ally

If you’d like a limited edition one of a kind watch that will likely cost you a fortune, well then the designer Romain Jerome has one for you.  Actually they specialize in overly expensive watches, however, this one is uniquely expensive.  It’s actually made from rusty old parts pulled directly from the Titanic.  Which means these watches are by no means of a petite nature, they actually are a bit …

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Silence Alarm Clock wakes you with a shake, not a buzz

by Mark R

In the past, I have covered scented alarm clocks that require no sound to wake people up, and I was very enamored by this sleek looking concept design that has a similar wake-up method. As you can see, this Silence alarm clock comes with matching bracelets. Each one has a vibration maker, so that when it goes off, you don’t hear it, but you feel it. Apparently, this is enough …

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Indiana Jones Pocket Watch

by Edwin

No idea on why this Indiana Jones Pocket Watch was released since it has never featured in any of Indy’s movies, but I guess when it comes to marketing muscle and merchandise, anything goes to snag that last dollar from you. Embossed with the Indiana Jones logo on the front, these metal pocket watches really work. Push the button on the top and they pop open to display the time …

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Matrix Cube Alarm Clock

by Edwin

Take a glance at the Matrix Cube Alarm Clock and chances are you’ll either hate it or love it, depending on your taste for all things retro. The hours, minutes and seconds are separated by their respective cubes, so make sure they’re all in order lest you wake up at 59:12 in the…wait a minute. 59:12 is no time! Must’ve had a wee bit too much to drink the night …

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Brando’s Anchor Clock with working gears

by Ally

This cute little clock would not only show your love for the sea, but your love for seeing the insides of machinery.  It features a design that keeps the gears out in the open for all to see.  It has ten to be specific and when the clock is on the gears will slowly move, instead of just sitting there and looking pretty.  Although I don’t think the chains dangling …

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