Clogau Gold Timepiece is a unique way of telling time

by Mark R

Considering that most people have accurate clocks on their cellular phones, I’m not certain how many people still wear watches anymore. Most watches usually have the same design with the time-face itself, and then a band around it. This new concept watch from Clogau Gold is very interesting because the band itself is actually the watch. As you can see from the picture, the watch has certain sections that are …

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Retro TV Alarm Play Game Show Themes

by Ally

Here’s another novelty alarm clock to add to your bedside table.  If you have a thing for game shows then you’ll love this clock.  The clock looks like a retro TV and has a few different ways to make sure you wake up in the morning.  It even includes a remote control to shut it off.  Which could be dangerous for many heavy sleepers.  It’d make it way too easy …

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Homeloo’s Jumbo Gear Clock

by Ally

It’s always obnoxious having a wall clock you have to stand excessively close to in orderto read it properly.  I have one of those, I can never see the placement of the hands from a distance.  Yet, I keep it because I like the overall look of the clock.  I imagine a lot of people will pick up this clock for the same reasons, the overall look is fascinating.  Even …

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The MK V Shutter Watch

by Ally

If you’re going to buy a watch anymore it has to be an unusual one that catches your eye to make it worth it.  Let’s face it, it’s not really necessary to wear a watch anymore.  We have plenty of other gadgets that have fifteen other functions, one of which being to tell the time.  Well this MK V watch is definitely eye catching enough to make it an interesting …

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R2-D2 Whizzwatch is another reason for an Artoo gadget

by Mark R

I don’t know what it is about this little astromech droid, but R2-D2 gets way too much publicity in the gadget world. At CES last January, I got a chance to see Nikko Electronics R2D2 Projector DVD player/projector, as well as the R2D2 Wireless Web Camera. I suppose there is little point of telling about yet another R2D2 product, but I might as well report on the R2-D2 Whizzwatch. No, …

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The Dalek Illuminating Wall Clock for Doctor Who fans

by Ally

Dr. Who fans will be excited to see this latest bit of Dr. Who inspired gadgetry.  Although the Dalek played a slightly evil role in the series, you can put it to work with a much simpler task.  However, if you have any worries about robots taking over the world, this probably isn’t the clock for you.  Otherwise you might end up having Dalek related nightmares and end up smashing …

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TOKYObay’s robot alarm clocks

by Ally

All geeks know from a young age that robots are cool. Yes on occasion we worry about them taking over the world and causing an apocalypse. However, we never can resist a mushy robot story like Wall-E or iRobot. Well if you’re looking for a cute robot, these alarm clocks should work just fine. The robots come in a few different shapes and styles, the best of course being the …

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Aurora Color Changing Clock knows what time it is

by Mark R

There are times where I am sitting around working, and I lose track of the time. So I check the time on my clock, and the clock is facing the other way. Wouldn’t you know it! It appears that Aurora has figured out a solution to this time-telling dilemma by creating a clock that changes color every hour. It has twelve colors that represent the hours of the day, and …

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