The Pin Clock

by Ally

I’m sure you remember the pin art toys, where you could press any thing you wanted into it and it’d create a pin sculpture of it.  They kept you entertained for at least a few minutes and if you ever found one unguarded you could leave the always mature sculpture of your middle finger.  Well now someone has created a clock that features the same design as the pin clock.  …

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Let’s sWAP a watch for a phone

by Edwin

A watch phone is one piece of convergence consumer electronics that I don’t really agree with – it looks plain weird talking to your wrist (hence making a Bluetooth headset essential), and the screen is way to small to be of any productive use. Still, that hasn’t stopped people from coming out with a range of watch phones, and the sWAP is the latest in a long line. The sWaP …

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LG Prada II has a matching Bluetooth Watch

by Mark R

Well, since Prada has essentially conquered the world of fashion, I suppose it is just natural that they take on the world of cellular phones. The Prada has a full 3-inch touchscreen, with a slider QWERTY keyboard as well. Other features include dual-band HSDPA, quad-band GSM, plus a full HTML browser. The user also has the option of listening to FM radio, and watching television with the TV out option. …

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The Fire Bell Alarm Clock

by Ally

Not everyone is anxious to leave their warm bed and go off to work or school.  For those that aren’t overly excited about waking up, you might need a bit of extra coaxing.  Nothing like an alarm that sounds like an old fashioned fire bell to help you greet the day. Then again hopefully you don’t forget that it’s your alarm that makes that sound and not something warning you …

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Moshi IVR Alarm Clock

by Edwin

Moshi has just released its IVR Alarm Clock that comes with TimeSet technology, and is the first clock in the world that allows you to set not only the time but alarm simply by speaking to it. Commands are initiated by saying, “Hello Moshi” (sounds like a Motorola ad, eh?), where it will respond accordingly with, “Command Please.” Hopefully the Interactive Voice Recognition technology used is sensitive enough to cater …

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Space Invaders Alarm Clock

by Edwin

Those who grew up in smoke-filled, dank arcades will definitely remember the challenge of Space Invaders as you attempt to save the earth from a horde of ever advancing aliens who are absolutely ruthless, stopping at nothing until our home is reduced to mere rubble and ash. Of course, the addictive musical ditty that speeds up as they approach nearer to the earth’s surface makes it all the more exciting, …

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Clogau Gold Timepiece is a unique way of telling time

by Mark R

Considering that most people have accurate clocks on their cellular phones, I’m not certain how many people still wear watches anymore. Most watches usually have the same design with the time-face itself, and then a band around it. This new concept watch from Clogau Gold is very interesting because the band itself is actually the watch. As you can see from the picture, the watch has certain sections that are …

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Retro TV Alarm Play Game Show Themes

by Ally

Here’s another novelty alarm clock to add to your bedside table.  If you have a thing for game shows then you’ll love this clock.  The clock looks like a retro TV and has a few different ways to make sure you wake up in the morning.  It even includes a remote control to shut it off.  Which could be dangerous for many heavy sleepers.  It’d make it way too easy …

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