Wake up to chirping with the Early Bird Alarm Clock

by Ally

No one enjoys the sound of an alarm clock, the typical sounds that come with them are jarring and enough to make you want to smash the clock against the wall. If you’re difficult to wake up in the morning, it might not be such a bad thing that it’s so loud. However, for the average person that wakes up fairly easily, those obnoxious sounds just annoy when it’s not …

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The Film LCD Clock for die hard film fans

by Ally

There are plenty of people that still prefer film to digital cameras.  They have their reasons and usually they like to knock the ones using digital and the ones using digital like to get their jabs in on them.  Everyone has their opinion and they can’t help but let the world know about it.  Well now here’s a way to display that you’re a film lover and clearly not one …

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Auto-set clocks from GPX

by Mark R

I’m not really certain whether anyone uses alarm clock radios anymore, but GPX, a division of Digital Products International (DPI), has just released two new IntelliSet clocks that somehow have auto set time-keeping features. Now, that feature already has my attention, and a recent Press Release told me how it works. Apparently, they can adjust to a user’s time zone, and a single button can adjust for daylight savings time …

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The Smash Alarm Clock lets you get out morning aggression

by Ally

Here’s a great way to kick off the morning.  There is no better way to greet the day than to start it with a bit of violence.  No one really likes their alarm clock, for a great deal of reasons really.  First of all it is dragging you out of bed and to top it off, most alarm clocks are just plain annoying.  I know it’s had to occur to …

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Police Siren Alarm Clock

by Edwin

Although we know that criminals and the authorities are often at loggerheads, they do sleep in the same bed at times. Ideally, of course, the latter will be out trying to catch the former, and criminals tend to bolt at the sounds of a police siren when they’re mired in illegal activity. What happens when you give your Uncle Bob the Police Siren Alarm Clock and realize that he gets …

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Secret USB Flash Drive Watch

by Mark R

Today must be Advanced Watch Day, because I just finished reporting on a new Cellular Phone Watch from LG. This next watch feels just as advanced, as it comes with a 4GB USB Flash Drive. This USB drive fits snugly into the case, where no one will look for it. In fact, that is one thing I like about this watch: it doesn’t look like heavily advanced spy watch. No, …

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LG Goes 3G on Cellular Phone Watch

by Mark R

I recently received a CES Preshow Planner in the mail, and pasted on the cover is an ad for LG. Apparently, they are planning to unveil big things at the show this year, and one of them is the LG-GD910 Watch. The LG-GD910 is a watch that is a 3G-enabled mobile phone. It has a 1.4-inch touchscreen, and is about 0.6 inches thick. I figured that a cellular phone on …

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The Vintage Viewfinder Clock recycles old Viewfinders

by Ally

Viewfinders at one point were about the coolest things we could possibly imagine.  Now, it’s really only cool, because it was a treasured childhood item.  If you were to give a kid this for a Christmas gift now, they’d look at you like your shoulder sprouted another head.  Even if you were feeling sentimental and bought a working Viewfinder for yourself, eventually you’d get bored with it.  At which point …

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