Alarm Clock with Coffee and Orange Juice

by Mark R

Some of you might remember about a year ago, when we reported on the Wake n’Bacon, an alarm clock that wakes up the use with the power fresh-cooked bacon. It would appear another designer has found another way to harness the power of breakfast to wake you up. As you can see from the picture, this particular device uses the power of beverages rather than entrees to give you a …

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USB 12-Digits Bilingual Talking Calculator

by Edwin

This is one calculator that will definitely be banned in any classroom or exam hall – the USB 12-Digits Bilingual Talking Calculator. It will speak out the numbers that you have just pressed so that you will be able to know whether all your numbers have been input correctly. All figures are reproduced in a clear and loud voice, ruling this calculator out of the local library as well as …

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Auto Racing Tire Wheel Clock

by Ally

If you have a strong obsession with racing, this is the clock to keep around. This tiny clock would be great for any Nascar adorned office, which I see fairly often, being in Indiana. It’d also be the perfect gift for car lovers. It is a small clock though, so it would be better suited for a desk, rather than a garage. It even comes complete with a wrench and …

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The Three-Face Wall Clock

by Ally

Here’s a great way to keep track of the time and keep those around you on their toes.  Instead of having one clock to display the time, you’d have three.  Yes, it would use wall space more properly to just hang one, but this way is far more entertaining.  Besides, with this you get the joys of deciding how exactly to hang them up and in what order.  If you’re …

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The 269 Clock goes for simplicity

by Ally

Apparently the number 269 is quite important, it’s the address of an old building.  That old building is what inspired the design of this clock.  I can’t help but wonder what the actual building looks like and if it has a swinging pendulum on it as well.  The nice thing is that the Japanese designer apparently has a true love for home, because they opted to use not only materials, …

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Water Powered Alarm Clock

by Mark R

Have you ever been late because you forgot to set your alarm? Your boss might buy that excuse, but imagine telling him or her this one: “Sorry I’m late, but I forgot to pour water into my alarm clock”. Yes, it does make sense if you own the Water Powered Alarm Clock. This is one of those eco-friendly gadgets that doesn’t require a battery or power cord. All you need …

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The Weekend Clock counts down till the weekend

by Ally

There are few things worse than when you’re just having a long week and you’re praying for the weekend to come even sooner.  Sometimes weeks do fly by and you never even know where it went and the weekend comes plenty soon.  However, if you’re just in one of those jobs that’s driving you insane, those weeks are few and far between.  Well now you can have a way to …

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The Timeless Garden tells the time

by Ally

I’ve seen a few different types of earth-friendly clocks, but I don’t think any have looked quite as nice as this one.  Between the bright white materials and the soft grass growing out of the top, it’s definitely aesthetically appealing.  Although, it seems as if all concept designs are far prettier than the real products that are actually being sold.  One troublesome thing with this clock is that I’d be …

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