Sonic Boom Alarm Clocks

by Mark R

For some odd reason, Sonic Alert, the makers of Sonic Boom alarm clocks series, have decided to target their new Sonic Boom alarm clock series to “dads and grads”. I suppose there is more than just a seasonal thing to this, because I believe that fathers and recent college/high school graduates have the most trouble getting up in the morning and need something extra loud. For example, the Sonic Bomb …

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Motion sensor alarm clock

by Edwin

Most alarm clocks work in this way – it comes with the all-important snooze function, shows the time and date in addition to getting you out of bed with an extremely shrill noise. This model takes a slightly different route, however, as it also integrates other features such as a calendar, temperature, color and motion-sensing. The motion-sensor works great as it allows you to move among the modes by waving …

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XXI Century Sundial

by Mark R

I’m not certain if the wall clock has gone the way of the dinosaur as yet. I mean, most of us carry a clock around on a cellular phone anyway, or just look at the clock on the computer. Or if you are old-school, just look at your watch. I don’t think the wall clock will ever go out of style. Just think about all the times where we have …

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The Cube Clock gives time at odd angles

by Ally

It’s not every day that one comes across a clock in the shape of a cube.  Well now you can own one, it even places the hands on the corner of the cube instead of on the face.  Of course you might need to be a little careful not to knock into the hands with them sticking up like that.  That likely makes it so that it’d be better suited …

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The Dynamite Alarm Clock

by Ally

Waking up in the morning is rarely exciting or even interesting for that matter.  Well now you can wake up to dynamite every single morning.  It doesn’t get much more exciting than that.  Granted, it might not take away the Monday morning blues, but it might at least on occasion give you enough of a laugh to cope with the morning a little better.  Although being so tall and slim …

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Accenda Sunshine Voice Activated Talking Alarm Clock

by Mark R

It seems like every day that someone comes up with an alarm clock “like no other”, and we have reported on many here at Coolest Gadgets. One of the most unique that I have seen lately is the Accenda Sunshine Voice Activated Talking Alarm Clock. The Accenda Sunshine isn’t just an alarm clock that you set before you go to bed at night, and use only when you get up …

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Alarm Clock with Coffee and Orange Juice

by Mark R

Some of you might remember about a year ago, when we reported on the Wake n’Bacon, an alarm clock that wakes up the use with the power fresh-cooked bacon. It would appear another designer has found another way to harness the power of breakfast to wake you up. As you can see from the picture, this particular device uses the power of beverages rather than entrees to give you a …

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USB 12-Digits Bilingual Talking Calculator

by Edwin

This is one calculator that will definitely be banned in any classroom or exam hall – the USB 12-Digits Bilingual Talking Calculator. It will speak out the numbers that you have just pressed so that you will be able to know whether all your numbers have been input correctly. All figures are reproduced in a clear and loud voice, ruling this calculator out of the local library as well as …

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