The LED Alarm Clock with Electronic Bird

by Ally

This isn’t the first alarm clock I’ve seen with a bird sitting on top.  It is however, the first one that could possibly be defined as chic and stylish.  The pretty bright white makes it so that although the bird sitting on top is a little whimsical, it would still fit within a home that conforms to most adult standards.  Not only that but you’d have the joy of waking …

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The Wind Chime Alarm Clock

by Ally


Although waking up in the morning isn’t always something to look forward to, you shouldn’t have an alarm clock that makes it worse.  Provided you aren’t hard to wake up, there’s no reason you shouldn’t wake up in a pleasant manner.  As opposed to that obnoxious beeping that always rudely wakes you up.    With this alarm clock you could wake up to the wind chimes instead of a beep.

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Teach Me Time

by Edwin


Want to teach your kids one of the essentials in life? Then Teach Me Time device will fit the bill then, as your kids will then be able to know just when they need to scuttle off to the bedroom to get their shuteye so that mom and dad can have a little private time to themselves after a long day of work. Forget all that big hand/little hand stuff; …

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The Darth Vader Alarm Clock Radio

by Ally


This Darth Vader clock was cool and all, but it’s not nearly as ominous as this new clock that will be coming out soon from Sakara.  Nothing will scare you out of the bed quite as quickly as turning over to find Darth Vader staring back at you.  It helps a bit that there are numbers that glow in his eyes, therefore it’s quite clear that this is a clock.  …

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Diamond Weather Station is covered in Swarvoski Crystals

by Ally


Having around a weather station isn’t entirely necessary.  After all, you could just hop online to find out the weather forecast for the day.  Making weather stations just another gadget to collect dust.  So looking for a new angle, one company decided to come out with a weather station covered in Swarvoski Crystals.  It does all the usual weather oriented tasks, but makes weather just a touch more shiny.

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Shrieking Ball Alarm Clock

by Mark R


Once again, we here at Coolest Gadgets have discovered another cool concept alarm clock, and this would be the time to state the usual conventions. Number one: Talk about how difficult it is to get up in the morning as a lead-in. Are you the type of person who has difficulty arising? Maybe you need a little bit of a shriek to scare the daylight into you. Number two: Talk …

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The Ultimate Alarm Clock rings, shakes and flashes

by Ally


Sometimes when you’re working too many hours at work it gets harder and harder for you to wake up in the morning.  It’s not necessarily that you’re lazy, but eventually it is possible for your mind to block out that your alarm is going off.  This alarm clock has so many different ways to get you to rise in the morning that you’d be covered no matter how tired you …

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Borderless clock for the modern home

by Edwin


Just as how the Internet and technology has changed the landscale of this world by making it a global village, rendering most borders irrelevant, along comes this timepiece for the home that eschews such idealogy – the borderless clock. This modern-looking clock is made out of MDF, where the entire surface is covered with water-based paint that shrugs water off like a duck’s back. It is powered by a single …

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