Black and White Clock

by Mark R

Let me start by saying that I was amazed at the many numbers of comments that we had at the Wrist Watch Tattoo. Several of them said that telling time with an ever-changing digital tattoo on the wrist was a pure hoax, but some were believers. I recently discovered another way of telling time with some ever changing digits, but this is designed for the wall. The Black & White …

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Let your Fingers Need the Waking

by Mark R


I’m sure anyone reading this blog has played Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). I’m sure that anyone who has played this game has discovered that it is not as easy as it looks, and moving feet to the beat can wear you out. No wonder why the arcade version of the game has guardrails! I’ve seen a finger-sized version of DDR before, and generally designed as a USB-powered excuse for fidgeting. …

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Bug-powered LED Clock

by Mark R


We have covered a lot of clocks in the past. Some of them are solar powered, some run on water, but this is the first time that I have ever seen bug power. That’s right, someone has actually invented a carnivorous alarm clock that works like a Venus Fly Trap. It works with a conveyor belt of flypaper that takes a captured fly and drops them into a microbial fuel …

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Game Time Schedule Watch

by Edwin


Sports fans will know how it feels like as they plan their social schedule around their favorite teams’ game times, which makes the following range of Game Time Schedule Watches an absolute must have. These watches already come programmed with the schedule of your team of choice, alongside the schedule of other teams for the particular sport so that you can watch other can’t-miss matchups even if they’re from a …

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Zeo Personal Sleep Coach

by Mark R


Yes, we have covered a lot of alarm clocks here at Coolest Gadgets. Alarm clock technology has changed very little since its first incarnation, as it is just a loud sound programmed to get you up at a time that you would prefer to be sleeping. Most “improvements” are usually a louder sound, or some kind of activity to make the user alert, like the Dynamite Alarm Clock. I’ve seen …

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Wake To Weather Alarm Clock

by Edwin


How many of you turn on your TV the moment you wake up (never mind about seeing the light of day), just to get a gist of what’s going on around the world at that moment in time? Don’t think too many would do that just to check out what the weather for today would be like, but here’s a bedside device that caters for that particular niche – the …

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iTalk Alarm Clock understands English

by Mark R

iTalk Clock Web Page

Sure, you can have the MP3 Clock DX if you want a cool alarm clock, but I will have to say that the iTalk from Neutrano is one of the most interesting alarm clocks that I have seen in a while. After all, how many alarm clocks do you know that allow the user to set the time or alarm with your own voice? Yeah, no more of those stupid …

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The MP3 Clock DX

by Ally


I still strongly prefer the classic look of this type of clock over the fancy new clocks packed full of LED lights.  However, my alarm has far too many benefits to give it up for a clock that doesn’t even do half of what it can.  Well although this clock features a very classic look, it at least has a little bit of a modern twist.  It won’t work as …

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