TV Alarm Clock looks cute

by Edwin

We’ve seen plenty of alarm clocks in the past, and here’s yet another model that will surely put a smile on your face simply because of its cuteness factor. The TV Alarm Clock will be able to brighten up just about any bedroom, and even boasts its very own remote control that allows one to activate the mood light from afar. You can choose from a quartet of wake-up tunes …

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Talking Teaching Alarm Clock

by Edwin


Nice to see gadgets being used to delegate teaching our kids stuff, including telling the time. Guess robot nannys aren’t really too far-fetched to consider, eh? Hammacher’s Talking Teaching Alarm Clock is another device that picked up the Product of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine, where it will whip your little ones into shape verbally where telling the current time is concerned. The clock displays a random analog …

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USB Hub and World Travel Clock

by Ally


This is one of those gadgets that it’s most definitely debatable as to whether or not it’s useful or completely pointless.  I suppose it purely depends on your perspective and what you need out of a device like this one.  This USB hub will at the very least offer you a few more ports to make plugging in your gadgets a lot easier.  Plus it does tell the time, although …

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LEGO of my Clock Radio!

by Mark R


It seems like every week at Coolest Gadgets we cover some sort of Lego-based gadget. Last week, it was the Lego Wind up Dynamo Torch. This week, it is this Lego Alarm Clock. As you can see, there is very little Lego in the Lego Alarm Clock, but, in its defense, it does look like a 2 x 1 brick. I’ve seen other products that were an homage to the …

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Jetlag travel alarm clock

by Edwin


Those who do plenty of traveling, crossing various time zones along the way will definitely find the Jetlag travel alarm clock to be heaven sent. After all, this Sam Hecht designed travel alarm is a snap to use, and you can always tote it with you wherever you go since it measures half the size of a passport. The left side is used to set the time, while the right …

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Party Timer calculates the intensity of your party

by Ally


This is one of those gadgets, were it more than a concept design, would definitely be making its way into college frat houses everywhere.  During your average day it’s nothing more than an oversized clock.  It’s not something I’d call stylish, but it can either be set on a table top or hung on the wall.  In addition to working as a clock, it calculates what type of party is …

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Lifetone Bedside Fire Alarm Clock

by Edwin


Fire alarms and smoke detectors are more often than not overlooked in most homes, and some people who sleep like the dead through the night might want to take less chances with their lives by picking up the Lifetone Bedside Fire Alarm Clock. This unique alarm clock not only helps you wake up at the specified time in the morning, it will also be able to sniff up the screech …

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The Kitchen Timer Retro Wall Clock

by Ally


Here’s a kitchen gadget for those that enjoy retro designs and don’t have a whole lot of counter space.  It may not do any fancy tricks, but it keeps things simple and takes away the need to have an extra timer laying out on the counter.  This would be especially great for those that feel like they need multiple timers whenever they cook, which on occasion I have had to …

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