IXP3 Internet Messaging Clock brings IM to the air

by Mark R

The IXP3 Internet Messaging Clock uses a technology that I’ve seen before, but I’m not certain what the name of it is. It uses LEDs that can wave in the air and somehow make words with specially timed flashing. I’m probably not doing a good job describing it, I know. If you’ve seen this technology before, then you know what I’m talking about. It can usually be used as some …

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Limited edition Steampunk Nixie Clock

by Ally


For those of you that enjoy all that is steampunk, you’ll have a slight chance to get the clock shown here.  It’s definitely a slim chance, but if you have the cash and hurry, you might be able to get your hands on one.  Then you can tell everyone that you own a limited edition clock that practically no one else owns.  It’s always fun to have something to make …

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Magnet Clock helps you keep track of your day

by Ally


Everyone has things that they enjoy putting on the fridge.  Be it school pictures or just random funny magnets, we all have our preferences.  Well with this you could even have a clock on your fridge that you can map out your day with.  It doesn’t itemize every little thing, but it does have little stick figure men that will illustrate each task you have ahead of you.  It does …

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Roll Film Clock

by Edwin


Digital cameras are all the rage these days, and very rarely will you find anyone who would settle for an analog unless they’re from an artsy background or are a professional who wants the warmth of traditional film. The Roll Film Clock doesn’t capture any photos, but it does display the current time including hour, minute, second, date, month and year. Perfect for a unique and innovative home warming gift, …

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Celebrate Spongebob Squarepant’s 10th Anniversary with Nooka’s Watches

by Mark R


If you have kids that are under the age of seven, then I’m sure you are quite familiar with SpongeBob Squarepants. The man who lives in a pineapple under the sea celebrates his 10th anniversary this year, and if you missed the SpongeBob SpongeBash celebration on Nickelodeon, then you can get the SpongeBob themed watches from Nooka (not to be confused with a big cell phone company from Finland). Yeah. …

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Traffic Light Alarm Clock

by Mark R


Man, I had a difficult time getting up this morning, and just had to sleep in. Something tells me I would have been completely awake if I had the Traffic Alarm Clock. Yeah, we have reported on many strange alarm clocks at Coolest Gadgets, and has the startle factor of the Lifetone Bedside Fire Alarm Clock. However, this is the first alarm clock that I have seen with a 40mm …

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Tube Clock Kit lets you build it yourself

by Ally


There’s never a shortage of odd clocks on the internet.  Yet, how many of those can you have a hand in the constructing process?  Well this Ice Tube Clock gives you the opportunity to have a lot more involvement in the process of creating the clock.  Instead of putting in your order and getting a shiny new clock all put together.  You’ll pay money to order a clock you have …

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Recycled Fishcer Turntable Clock

by Ally


If you have a thing for old turntables, but at the same time don’t really have a use for one, it seems silly to keep a real turntable around.  Well instead of keeping one around purely because you like the look of them, you could purchase this clock.  It’s made out of an old turntable, so you get that classic look, but it’s still functional.  Plus you can hang it …

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