Insignia Dual Alarm Clock Radio with built-in photo display

by Ally

For an alarm clock to have a built-in radio is nowhere near something new.  It’s actually probably one of the most common combinations out there.  However, this clock radio takes things a step further and allows for you to personalize your alarm clock.  It has a photo display to make sure that you stay close to your family, even while you’re away traveling.

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Good Nite Lite

by Edwin


Being a parent would also make you wear another hat – that of being a zombie, since when your little one doesn’t sleep, nobody else at home gets their sleep. That’s the way things have been all the while, but with the Good Nite Lite, we hope that the situation would end up being the better for you. It basically teaches your little one the difference between night and day …

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WakeMate works with your cellphone to wake you gently

by Ally


There are a few different types of alarm clocks that allow for you to be soundlessly woken up.  This one actually works with your cellphone though. Not only that, but it actually waits for a slightly more opportune moment to do the waking.  Such as when you’re a little more awake, instead of when you’re just absolutely dead to the world.  With a gadget like this you wouldn’t have to …

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Eye Clock

by Edwin


Do you get the feeling of being watched all the time even when you’re all alone in your home? Well, you can further enhance that creepy experience with the Eye Clock, where a pair of pupils will replace the hands of a clock to indicate the current time. For example, the left eye will ‘look’ towards the current hour, while the right eye ‘looks’ to the minutes. Needless to say, …

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Clock Face draws its own hands

by Mark R

Here’s some tech that I can’t help but report on. If you play the video, you will see a video of a man simply drawing the hands on a clock. If you keep watching it, you will see that he is trapped in a box. The poor guy. Actually, this guy was filmed prior to this display, which was spotted at Design Miami. Then the footage was put on an …

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Pac-Man watch celebrates your favorite chomper

by Mark R


Now here is something that I would have wanted back in fourth grade: a Pac-Man watch. Granted, it’s not as cool as a Mickey Mouse Watch, but that’s only because Pac-Man didn’t have any hands. When I first saw this watch, I thought that what I was seeing was a watch with a display screen. In other words, I saw this and thought: “Cool! A watch where Pac-man roams around …

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Harry Potter Magic Clock shows people where you are, using Twitter

by Mark R

img_0173-1 (Modified in GIMP Image Editor)-1

I don’t remember if this Magic Clock was in the Harry Potter books, but I remember it from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie. The scene was Harry waking up in the Weasley’s tree house, and Harry sees this odd clock with Ron and two of his brothers’ faces on the hands. They are pointing at the place where they are. It would appear that someone has designed …

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Water-Powered Can Clock

by Ally


If you have an area that you could really use just a normal clock, you might as well make it an eco-friendly one.  Sure, you could just hang a battery powered wall clock just as easily, but then you’re stuck buying batteries.  With this all you have to do is remember to refill it with water and thankfully you don’t even have to do that very often.  These clocks would …

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