Verilux Clock wakes gradually

by Ally

If you’re just not into shocking yourself into waking up, thankfully there are companies that sell more gradual solutions.  Those of you that could sleep through a bomb hitting the house next door might want to stick with the obnoxious jarring alarm clocks though.  For the average person though it’s really not necessary to be woken up with horribly loud noises.  For those ready to make the change this clock …

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Neverend Clock

by Ally

This is one of those clocks that flat refuses to blend in with the woodwork.  Now whether you think it looks more like a cuckoo clock or a time bomb is of course a personal choice.  Frankly, I’m leaning more towards the time bomb theory.  However, the product description gives absolutely nothing away in that department.  You’d better move fast if you do like it though, because these are a …

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Garmin Forerunner 110 Sports Watch

by Edwin

Garmin has a penchant for all things GPS, and their latest effort would be the Garmin Forerunner 110 sports watch which is touted to come in a sleek package, featuring an intuitive and affordable solution which will definitely come in handy where runners, joggers and walkers are concerned. Of course, there are some of us out there who won’t mind exercising for the sake of sweating it out, but others …

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Alien Hunt Alarm Clock

by Edwin

Do you have trouble waking up each morning? We’ve seen our fair share of alarm clocks in the past, and some of them require extremely creative methods to help you get out of bed, but ThinkGeek has a more cerebral manner in the form of the Alien Hunt Alarm Clock. This model will see your typical green alien merge from an egg shell whenever it is time to get up, …

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Kempler & Strauss gold W Phonewatch

by Edwin

Remember the Kempler & Strauss W Phonewatch that stirred quite a reaction from the audience at CES earlier this year? Well, the company knows that the economy is slowly but surely picking up worldwide, and signs of a recovery are imminent. This has led them to position themselves to ride the bullish wave when it arrives – by rolling out a Midas-inspired version of the said device. Basically, we’re talking …

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Danger Bomb Alarm Clock

by Edwin

Some of us find it really difficult to wake up, especially after a long hard day at the office and we arrive home dead tired only to realize that you promised your kids to go through their homework with them in detail. Once done, you can barely keep your eyes open – plopping onto the bed only to snore a few seconds later. Fast forward 6 or 7 hours and …

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45 RPM Record Clock

by Ally

Rock and record fans alike should probably take a look at these new clocks.  Instead of just trashing old records, these have been updated and changed into clocks.  They’d be a great addition to any college dorm or a den.  What’s nice is that this doesn’t look like it was thrown together in someone’s garage within 15 minutes time.  Which is far too often the case with vintage items being …

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Twist Alarm Clock needs you to use your brains

by Edwin

Do you happen to have plenty of trouble trying to get out of bed every morning? Well, this is where the Twist Alarm Clock comes in handy – it will only shut up once you managed to solve the relatively simple math problem displayed on the screen. There are two displays and an equal number of rotatable parts which will work in tandem to present you with a math problem …

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