Recycled iPod Turned Into Clock

by Ally

We have all went to grab for our favorite electronic only to receive that sinking feeling that something has gone terribly wrong with it.  I have that problem with my iPod at the moment and if it turns out not to be fixable then I would hope to find something like this clock to make sure that it stays usable even after its prime has passed.

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USB Memory Watch

by Ally

No fashion piece would quite be complete without a hidden USB drive.  It’s just a strange phenomon, but it’s a lesson you have to learn fast.  Otherwise you could make a horrible social blunder.  Thankfully Tokyoflash is now jamming USB drives into one end of the wristband of this watch.  That way your drive will always be within reach.  Then to finish it off they had to put on a …

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Elements Water Powered Clock

by Ally

Although your clock is an extremely small gadget, it’s still pulling power.  No gadget is too small to be switched over to some other sort of eco-friendly power.  This one actually pulls its power from water, which makes it possible to use it in rooms that wouldn’t get enough light to utilize solar power.  Of course if you’re not very good at remembering to water plants, then maybe a water-powered …

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Lego Star Wars Alarm Clock

by Ally

It takes work to find the ultimate geek alarm clock.  After all, you want to make sure that you’re properly woken up every single morning, otherwise it could completely throw off your entire personality.  Waking up to a Wookie and a stormtrooper, now that’s how you do it.  Now to really take the cake, make them a Lego rendering of the two.  It’s almost as good as that first dose …

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Bring TIM! time management clock

by Edwin

They say that time is money, so why not let the bill ring up right in front of your eyes with the Bring TIM! time management clock? After all, this unique timepiece will display the total cost of everyone’s time with each second that passes by, and once the cost is clearly displayed and impressed upon people’s minds, all discussions are supposed to become brief, topical and productive. Of course, …

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Darth Vader Desk Clock

by Ally

For those of you that enjoy staring at Darth Vader action figures more than you like seeing the time, you’re in luck.  You can purchase this clock, which is pretty much a large statue with an itty bitty clock at the bottom.  Sure, you’ll have to squint to read the time, but you have an impressive action figure to put on your desk.

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Moonwatch for you favorite werewolf

by Ally

Now instead of just glancing at your watch and looking for hands that point at numbers, you can stare at the moon cycle.  This Monwatch is meant to be very deep and thought provoking.  Although truthfully I think it’s probably just created by a Twilight obsessed fan.  Just a theory.  Apparently, it’s meant to establish some sort of a relationship between the moon cycle and a person’s emotional state.  Yes, …

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Giant Pocket Wall Clock

by Ally

By this point I’ve come across a great deal of strange and sometimes almost unreadable clocks.  Well this clock is unique, but thankfully it’s still perfectly readable.  Plus, it’s attractive, which is something that ranks towards the top of the needs list when it comes to clocks.  After all, you have to look at the clock all of the time, so it should fit your tastes.  This clock mimics a …

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