Chalkboard Watch filled with math

by Ally

Instead of hiding your nerdy love for math, show it off on your wrist for all the world to see.  This watch makes math look exactly like it always should.  White chalky scratches on a green chalkboard.  It can remind you of the good old days of sitting in the classroom with that classic chalk smell always lingering in the air.

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J L Dream Machine Mood Clock Radio

by Ally

If you’re having trouble sleeping and it’s not so easy waking up, you could use this combination gadget to help.  It’ll coax you into a deep sleep, as well as make sure you come back out of it at the proper time in the morning.  Plus this odd looking gadget has a way of making your nightstand look a whole lot more interesting.

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Kitchen Scale Wall Clock

by Ally

This wall clock may appear to be nothing more than a very retro looking wall clock that attempts to mimic the look of a record.  In reality this kitchen clock does double duty.  As well as letting you know the time, this thing also can weigh things while you’re cooking in the kitchen.  That way you have it handy for those particular recipes that give weights instead of cups or …

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DIY USB Bronze Bell Clock

by Ally

The tragic thing about computers is that they always so silently broadcast the time.  It used to be that clocks were works of art in both sound and looks.  Now there is just a small digital clock on the very bottom corner of your screen.  It’s not exactly awe inspiring.  Instead of settling for that, now you can turn your computer clock into something much more grand.  Just make one …

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Clock uses its own batteries for hands

by Mark R

It’s nice to know that we haven’t abandoned clocks in this digital age, and just when I thought the Morse Code clock was as minimalist as they come, here comes “The Front & Back” clock. See the hands on the clock face? In case you haven’t figured it out yet, they are the batteries. I’m sure that you probably figured out that these batteries are the only thing powering this …

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Morse Code Clock

by Ally

It seems that no one uses Morse code anymore, I don’t even think the military teaches it like they did.  Well you can be the lone man that stands against progress.  Just make yourself the Morse Code Clock and you’ll keep your knowledge a whole lot more fresh.  You never know when that could come in handy, come some apocalyptic situation and you might just have to teach the world …

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Ceiling Rose Clock

by Ally

A ceiling rose is one of those things I never really thought I’d see in my own house.  I just always doubted that I’d own anything that would already have them and I really doubt I’d make any effort to find one.  However, as good as this clock looks it does make it tempting to change that thought and get this Ceiling Rose Clock.

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Clap-On Cube Alarm Clock

by Edwin

You remember those lamps that require you to clap your hands to turn on or off? Looks like the technology has finally been applied to the alarm clock instead, in the form of the Clap-On Cube Alarm Clock. To tell the time, all you need to do is bring your hands together to turn on the red LED digital timer, and we suppose after a few moments, the time will …

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