LARK Technologies wants to wake you up gently

by Edwin

There is nothing quite like laying in bed all day long, hoping that the dreaded alarm clock will not ring at all. Well, that is mostly because the majority of alarm clocks out there do nothing but create a really huge din when it goes off – not good for ears, and even worse for those who suffer from a weak heart. After all, no one wants to get jolted …

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Shattered Clock

by Ally

At first glance this clock seems to be absolute chaos and like it’s missing a hand.  However, once you realize how to read it the clock immiately makes sense.  This clock is meant to show that odd relationship between order and chaos.  It’s also managed to land itself as my new favorite clock.

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Spy Watch from Jakks Pacific

by Mark R

It has been a while since we have reported on our friends from Wild Planet with their Spy Gear line. The last time was with the Wild Planet Spy Video TRAKR. This looks like something that Spy Gear would put out, but it is from Jakks Pacific. This is a spy watch that has an audio recorder that can do three hours of audio. It also has a camera lens …

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Oregon Scientific Maranello Ferrari Clock

by Ally

Ferrari has yet again found a way to put their name on another gadget for Ferrari race fans to salivate over.  Oregon Scientific products have been around for a while, offering you the temperature, weather and the time.  Well this Ferrari version is very much the same, it just has a couple more benefits to make this a slightly more high end version of the usual Oregon Scientific products.

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ColorBerry Projection Clock

by Edwin

Getting the right start to a day is always important, and the ColorBerry Projection Clock might just be the way to start. After all, there is nothing quite like a bright color to keep your mood up even if you’ve gotten out on the wrong side of your bed. This fun clock will come in a trio of color choices – electric blue, snow white and passionate red, where you …

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Ferrowatch relies on magnetic principles to tell time

by Edwin

Telling the time has gotten a whole lot more complex than before as it no longer requires a simple glance at your wrist any more. Tokyoflash, long time purveyors of complex timepieces that are hard to tell, have come up with the Ferrowatch that holds a magnetically sensitive liquid (known as Ferrofluid) which is located under the glass face. A magnetic charge will attract the fluid to different positions within …

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Chirping Bird Alarm Clock

by Ally

Waking up to the sound of birds chirping is a far sweeter way to rise than the obnoxious beeping from your alarm clock.  However, some don’t wake up in the morning to birds.  Be it because of working night shift or those birds just not being nearly reliable enough for your tastes, this alarm clock is one way to take care of those problems.  This dainty clock will chirp some …

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Circadian Sleep System

by Edwin

Can’t get to sleep, and you have just about tried all sorts of solutions to no avail? The Circadian Sleep System from Hammacher might just do the trick, since this clock will rely on both light and sound therapy in order to reset your body’s regular sleep patterns to make it a whole lot (in theory, at least) easier when it comes to falling asleep at night only to wake …

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