Tocky Alarm Clock bounces away

by Ally

You might remember Clocky, an alarm clock that rolls away and hides the moment it goes off.  Which leaves you to run off and chase it down before you can shut it down.  Well apparently this is Clocky’s tech saavy brother.  Instead of rolling away, this hops off of your nightstand and rolls away.  Just like Clocky you’ll be stuck chasing it down in order to make the alarm stop.

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Mutewatch does show the time

by Ally

Although the Mutewatch may appear to either be some furturistic concept or merely something given to convicts on their way out into the free world, it’s actually a watch.  It is a fully functioning watch that will be perfectly easy to learn to use.  Not only is this ninja of a watch easy to use, but it’s actually up for sale.  That is you can at least add your name …

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Mr. Clock tells time, only when you look at it

by Mark R

Mr.Clock_Hye-yeon.park_Design Product_2010 RCA from hye-yeon.park on Vimeo. We are no stranger to very cool clocks here on Coolest Gadgets. We just covered the Alessi Blank Wall Clock yesterday. This clock is just as personal, but not in the sense that you can draw on it. As you can see in the video, the clock will only show the time when people are looking at it. Granted, I have no idea …

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Alessi Blank Wall Clock

by Ally

If you’re a serious doodler, then you need all sorts of surfaces to perfect your art on.  Thankfully there are those committed to making strange clocks that allow for you to scribble all over to your heart’s content.  One of which is this Alessi clock that even comes with its very own magic marker.  Life just wouldn’t be the same without a full set of magic markers.  If you’re feeling …

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Spy Clock helps you keep tabs at home when you’re absent in body

by Edwin

Are you suspicious that the tap at home keeps on leaking, and the handyman who drops by is beefier than Mr. America? Well, you might want to make sure the missus isn’t two-timing you behind your back then with the help of the £79.99 Spy Clock (surely that is much cheaper than hiring a private investigator, although a device such as a Spy Clock certainly needs a whole lot more …

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Banclock gets an update

by Ally

It used to be that the Banclock was just a big square block.  Instead of going that route, now you can buy one that has a little more of that classic alarm clock feel.  Sure, it is just as evil as the original by forcing you to pay up those hard earned coins every time you want a little extra sleep.  Yet at least it looks cute while it’s sucking …

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Flip Clock spells it out

by Ally

Clocks are full of all sorts of numbers, which does the job perfectly fine.  Except that it’s pretty boring to always read time the same old way.  Instead of just glancing at numbers, you can read the words.  It’s the perfect gift for the wordsmith or scholar in your life.  After all, normal clocks are much better suited for the mathematicians of the world that actually enjoy staring at numbers.

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Chalkboard Watch filled with math

by Ally

Instead of hiding your nerdy love for math, show it off on your wrist for all the world to see.  This watch makes math look exactly like it always should.  White chalky scratches on a green chalkboard.  It can remind you of the good old days of sitting in the classroom with that classic chalk smell always lingering in the air.

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