microsD card reader watch

by Edwin

Thinkgeek knows that microSD memory cards are in abundance these days, so it makes perfect sense to have a device that reads these little small-as-fingernails buggers anytime, anywhere. Not everyone carries a memory card reader with them, but most of us wear watches. Why not use your timepiece to read those microSD cards as well? Enter the microsD card reader watch from Thinkgeek, where it retails for a highly affordable …

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8-bit Watch

by Edwin

Everyone remembers 8-bit games, with their super simplistic graphics as well as ditties which tend to stay in your head for hours on end after the game is over and console stashed away. Well, for those who have a soft spot for the 8-bit era, remembering fondly how the soundtrack tends to speed up dramatically whenever you spend too much time in a particular level to add that touch of …

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Wasted LED watch from Tokyoflash

by Edwin

Telling the time used to be something that’s pleasant and easy to do – all you needed was a quick glance at your wrist and you’re good to go. The folks over at Tokyoflash have certainly gone out of their way to complicate things as much as possible, and one of the results would be the Wasted LED watch. Also known as the Kisai Wasted, it will come in two …

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Garmin introduces Approach S1 GPS wristwatch

by Edwin

Most folks who play golf are pretty well off, or at least middle class at worst. Well, this means they have a pretty secure and cushy job, coupled with timeshare vacations elsewhere, own a couple of properties with the mortgage fully paid off perhaps, and drive a convertible sports car with an upmarket saloon for more ordinary errands. This would also mean their choice of attire will be branded for …

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Twist Alarm Clock

by Edwin

Getting up in the mornings can be a pretty hard thing to do, especially when you’ve had a particularly long day before and need at least 8 hours of rest to recuperate. Well, the Twist Alarm Clock could do its part in making sure you get up and out of bed so that you won’t be late for work for the umpteenth time, where this $19.99 (£14.99 in the UK) …

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Retro Flip Down Clock

by Ally

Sure every gadget you own comes with a built-in clock, from the microwave to your cellphone, it’s hard not to always know the time.  However, if you’d like something a little more old fashioned then this Retro Flip Down Clock could be a nice break from the digitized lives we lead.  Instead of staring at an LCD screen with boring digital numbers you could pick this clock up that actually …

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Farmland Alarm Clock

by Edwin

Not all alarm clocks are created equal, and you can tell with this latest model from Firebox known as the Farmland Alarm Clock. What makes it so different from all the other standard ringers in the market? Well, for £14.99 a pop, you are able to wake up to the tunes of a farm, minus the smell of chicken poop as well as seeing a cow pee for minutes on …

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F-Stop Watch for photography nuts

by Ally

Those of you that have gotten a little obsessive about your love of photography shouldn’t be stuck with an ordinary watch with silly numbers.  Instead you need something you can really understand.  Normal watches are for mathematicians.  Thankfully, someone has created a watch for anyone that enjoys photography, the F-Stop Watch.

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