Anakin Star Wars LEGO Minifigure Alarm Clock

by Edwin

Are you a huge fan of Star Wars? Chances are pretty good that that is the case, since a huge number of the populace grew up on George Lucas’ space opera, and the current generation also had their brush with the prequels (which didn’t really live up in terms of storytelling although they did fare a whole lot better where special effects are concerned). Well, this has certainly led to …

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Check out the Lunchtime Lengthening Clock

by Mark R

You don’t have to work for the “man” long to know how slow the clock moves during worktime, and how fast it goes during lunch. Fortunately, this Lunchtime clock is designed to speed up twenty percent at 11 AM and then slows down twenty percent at 11:48, which adds 12 precious minutes to lunch. This will allow for an extra hour worth of lunch for the whole week. Not only …

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Melting Bookshelf Clock

by Edwin

They say that time and tide waits for no man, but here is the Melting Bookshelf Clock which will certainly help you view time in a totally different manner. In fact, for those who prefer to delve into the world of magic mushrooms might actually think that they have the ability to bend time to their whims and fancies, although we know that that itself is more of an overactive …

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iPad Alarm Clock

by Edwin

Yeah, when it comes to docks, Apple devices are certainly king of the hill, what with a ton of iPod touch, iPhone and even now, iPad docks arriving to flood the market and help you part with your hard earned money. The iPad Alarm Clock is one of the later models to arrive, where this docking station will turn your iPad into a versatile bedside alarm clock. A pre-loaded app …

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Moshi Voice Control Reflection Clock

by Edwin

Finding it hard to wake up early in the morning simply because of the cool weather and the fact that you’re extremely cozy under your sheets? The Moshi Voice Control Reflection Clock might add some spice to your life then, as this unique consumer electronics device will boast voice recognition technology which lets you set the time, dual alarms, snooze, ask for indoor and outdoor temperature and record up to …

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Mirror Wall Clock with Temperature Display and LED light

by Edwin

Wall clocks are just that, right? They’re meant to hang on the wall, blending in with the rest of the environment without calling any attention to itself since it ought to be seen only when required. Well, the Mirror Wall Clock with Temperature Display and LED light turns the tables around, as this $149.95 is most likely to capture the attention of just about anyone who enters into your home, …

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The Sleeptracker Elite Pro Watch

by Mark R

Even though I have done this all my life, I still do not like waking up to an alarm clock. This is probably why I work from home, because I can’t stand being a slave to the alarm clock. The Sleeptracker Elite is designed to combat this problem, and worn on the wrist like an ordinary digital wristwatch. All you need to do is set a phase alarm for the …

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LEGO Minifig Alarm Clock

by Edwin

LEGO can be one of the better investments for your little one whenever he/she yearns for a new toy, since a whole bag of colorful bricks can always be used over and over again to create a new “toy”, depending on the kind of imagination you have. Enter the LEGO Minifig Alarm Clock that is pretty self-explanatory actually, where it comes in the form of a LEGO minifig complete with …

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